Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Updates on Projects

Good Morning everyone out there in the bloggershpere!  It's Valentines day!  Hip, hip, hurray!  I'm not usually a valentines day kind of girl, but I'm feeling the love this morning. Maybe it's having little ones who love all the magic.  It was so fun to make all my little men's teachers presents and all their little valentine cards. 

The pics are from some of the stuff around the house that I've either finally finished, or just created. 
This is our front door space. I did the painting a long time ago, and the little motor home is a printable.

Maddy girl says "Welcome!!"

I just made this little pom pom garland out of left over parts. I used clear fishing line and a needle to push it through.  I bought the balls on etsy.  I totally love it!

This is a little shelf from ikea, the owl was a cheapo from TJ Maxx and the pictures are printables.  The cute bowls and cups are from Anthropologie with my Christmas mula.  Thanks Mom! 

This is from here, and the good looking art if by Benno himself.  It's our family! 

This is a little light fixture in the boys play area that was uber ugly, and I took left over fabric and covered it. I used a hot glue gun and was very careful.  The main thing you have to be careful of is the under side.  You have to make it look all clean and pretty, not messy and uneven. 

Happy, happy day to you and yours.  Spread the love around ya'll.  Give someone a hug! 
Smooches, A


  1. SO STINKING AWESOME! I looks so much like you! LOVE it!

  2. You have beautiful style! I love, love the painting you did in your entry!


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