Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Springing Forward

Hello all...hope this Tuesday is finding you well.  It is drizzly and pretty darn yucky here today.  Most of my thoughts go towards spring time these days.  I want to throw on my good-old-white jeans and a bright happy top and some comfy sandals, but nooo!  Do follow the rule of no white before easter?  I don't think that I ever follow that....but the weather is not participating in my plans.  The things that I do look forward to are bike riding, laying on a quilt with two little men and looking up at the newly budded trees, and all the rebirth around us. 

On another note, I've started drinking green smoothies quite a bit and I thought I wouldn't like them, but oh!  They are so yummy!  Little Sammy even loves them, and the huge, huge, thing is that Benno tried it and made a large Mmmm sound.  Hip hip hurray for mamas!  That's one for the books kids.  (Little did he know that there was spinach all in that).  They make me feel all lite and fresh inside, kind springy!  Have a great day ya'll. Hugs, A

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  1. I think it's you can start wearing white at Easter and you stop at Labor Day.

    1. Thanks Jessica! I fixed it! Where is my brain? And yes, I won't make it until Easter to wear white! A


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