Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Treehouse Updates

Here are as promised, are pictures of our newly built, amazing treehouse!  Mr. Niedecken is absolutely fabulous that he can set out and create this from start to finish.  Amazing I say!  There still needs to be a hammock hung underneath and some plants, but otherwise, it's done! 

 It's been pretty rainy and icky here lately, and our backyard is a bunch of weeds and mud.  This was the one day that I could get out there with the little monkeys and take a few picks.  We had the bubble machine going and Sam was in absolute heaven.

Ohhhh bubbles....

Let me catch one....

Oh, but the tickle when they pop on my head....get out of here!

Off, off!

I love this's so happy to me.
Happy day to you!  Hope it's a grand one!  Love, A

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