Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Life

Have you seen these?  They are called Project Life....and I ran across them maybe a year ago, and now they are kind of blowing up with free printables and stuff.  The premise is similar to scrapbooking, but WAY easier.  They make little cute cards and you can either journal on it, draw, or whatever.  The page layouts are clear pockets that you can just pop stuff into, like ticket stubs, kids art, etc.  You do it a little at a time throughout the whole year and then voila!  You are done.  They seem pretty easy  to do and get started....but do I actually want to add anything else for me to get done in a day or week?  

But, the main reason I would really like to do it is because Ben makes all these little weird art things everyday at school.  He totally caught me throwing some of them away the other day.  I felt horrible when I had to explain why I did it.  I just didn't think those particular ones were important.  It was alot of, "Mom, do you not think they are pretty?  I made them for you.  Why would you throw them away?"  It was brutal. 

I've done a shutterfly book for the past five years of Ben's little life of the entire year.  Is that enough?  But I can't put all their sweet art and the daily life stuff in there.  So maybe, just maybe I'll do it.  We'll see! 

Project life is available here

Hope your weekend is most grand.  We will be attending our very first soccer game, where Mr. N is so graciously coaching.  Ben won't even get to play this it should be interesting.  Hip, hip, hurray for Fridays!   Love, A

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday (tardy)

Well hello there.  I am tardy for the party.  I had a great post for yesterday's awkward/awesome and life got in the way of posting.  We had a little accident over in our neck of the woods.  If you are a regular reader you know that Sam has been to the ER three times, but Ben none.  I think Ben caught up with Sam yesterday. 

We had a major bike accident.  I was on my bike with Sam's trailer behind me, and Ben was riding next to me.  We were going kind of fast, and of course being silly.  Think, alot of "Cowwwabungas!!"  Then, next thing I know, Ben is falling over on his side, while going fast and me next to him.  It all happened pretty fast, but we got ten stitches and lots of road rash out of it.  Oh, and two bags of skittles, a stuffed bunny and a new toy car.

Here is my tardy list....
  • Explaining to Mr. N about overspray on the back porch from spray painting (not me)
  • Having a "women" porta potty in the back yard
  • Being honked at while driving and then driving parallel to the honker for awhile.  I still have no idea what I did wrong, but I didn't dare look over at him.
  • Having stuff on my bum while wearing white shorts. 
  • Using our bathroom and looking out the back window and all of a sudden seeing a worker who can obviously see me!  Peep show anyone?
  • Thinking that I did really great with a student, only to later find out that I didn't.  Bummer. Good thing God knows my heart!
  • Mr. N.  (aka Mr. Awesome)
  • Sam is almost done cutting teeth!  Hip, hip, Hurray!  I can't wait!
  • Watching Ben and Sam at a Sock Hop dance away.
  • Max's Wine Dive fried chicken with two sweet and wonderful women
  • Finding the exact dress you want in your size, with a coupon (Thanks Sharon!)
  • Sam LOVEs to "brush" his teeth.  He totally goes through all the motions and watches Ben and I like a hawk trying to learn how to.  He even wipes his little mouth.  But when I try to actually brush them for him, it's NO!  So, I don't think they are really clean.  We'll see how that plays out.
  • Bike rides and watching Mr. N with our two little men.
  • Little boy hands in yours.
  • Having a secret way to say I love you to someone.
  • My students, when they sometimes think of me in their day, like I do of them.
  • Making Ben laugh his way through most of the stitches.  There were tears, but not too many. Yeah for somewhat funny mamas!

Both Awkward and Awesome:
Being hit on at the Gap.  Awesome because he thought I was in my twenties and not a mother of two.  I always think I just look like a mom. Awkward because I got to say nope, not twenty something, actually almost thirty four and a mother of two and happily married for almost ten years.  Yep.  That's me.
Hope your day is fantastic and full of doing great things for others. A

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos

What my life usually looks like.  Maddy is ever present.  Random towel on the ground where I found a "phantom" puddle. Sam's shirt on the table from me stipping off his clothes after a meal. Ben STILL eating, because he eats mad slow. We made whole wheat mac n cheese....delish!

Still with boogers....Yummy!

The water looks funky because they were bathing in an oatmeal bath.  Ben has eczema, boo.

Nothing makes them laugh more than squeezing water on each other!  (Especially on their booty.)

One of my favorite times to get extra kisses and hugs in, is post-bath.  So snuggly!

Mr. Goof ball

I put on his favorite song...."Good Morning" by

When I say lots of laundry, I wasn't joking!

Movie Night!!

Crashed and burned...finally!

Picnic the next day.  This is when I realized how WAY white I was.  Thank goodness for sunless tanner!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wallie World

I might be officially done with going to Wal-Mart.  Recently, while coming out of one nearby, I saw a young boy, maybe 6 or 7 standing alone near the front entry.  I was without my own children at that moment and asked if he was okay.  He proceeded to tell me to F*** Off. I was flabbergasted.  I'm cussed at all the time in my profession, but from a little six year old...really??  After many adults started to surround him out of worry for his safety, his mother arrived from the parking lot.  

But, to top it all off, today while going into Wallie World, I had Sam in my arms, Ben holding onto me, and I was of course on the phone with my madre.  This little old lady in handicap parking starts shaking her head at me.  I quickly get off the phone with my mother and (my dumb booty) asked her why she was shaking her head at me.  (Let me give you a side note, I actually had on makeup and clean pretty cute clothes, my kids where clean and decently dressed too. No snot.)

This lady proceeded to tell me how horrible of a mother I was to be talking on the phone in a parking lot with two children. That it was a unsafe.  She asked me if my husband was upset with me too? (No idea why she said that)  I told her to have a very blessed day and handed her a "Pass it forward" card and said hopefully you can do something nice for someone with this and I kept walking.  As we got into Wal-Mart I realized how shaken I was by her.  I didn't really know why though.  Was it that she judged me?  I'll have to process that one for awhile. 

But, then, silly me thought I should go back to my car and settle down and pray.  She was STILL in the freaking parking lot.  As I passed her for the second time, obviously a little shaken, I told her that she really hurt my feelings.  This old lady then laughed in my face.  I couldn't believe it. 

She laughed. in. my. face.

I immediately thought what kind of person does that?  Really?  Then thought about praying for her.  She must be really unhappy. Then me and the boys bought our post man some chick fil a. Hopefully I won't let Satan push me down from spreading the shineyness of my sweet heart around.  Love, A

Friday, March 23, 2012

Heck to the Yes! Friday Ramblings...

Hi there guys.  It's Friday in these parts and I'm a little excited.  Maybe it was the very large Starbucks I inhaled this morning or the green smoothie....but I'm souped up and a little on the hyper side.  What are your plans for this weekend? 

I love it when you can just picture the whole weekend before you...and it just lays out for all the magic to happen!  We have a little girl birthday party to attend....soooo I get to finally purchase girly presents!   Tutus, ribbons, lace, little babies....who knows what I'll pick, but it will be pink!

I think our weekend will have spray painting, LOTS of laundry, hanging out with sweet buds in our pjs, hot coffee hopefully, and most definitely a cocktail or two in the evening once little dudes are snoozing. 

I'm trying to start reading classic novels and have a running list.  We are also trying to make sure that Ben reads all he is supposed to before kindergarten, so amazon and I are about to be very good friends in the book department.

Have you seen these Penguin Classics? They are so beautiful and I have collected a few and given some as gifts, but I need more, more, more!

Mr. N totally makes fun of me, because one time he was disrespectful to one of my new David Sedaris, pre-ordered, hard copy books, and I yelled, "Books are MY FRIENDS!"  How could you do that?!  I obviously still haven't lived that one down. It still gets brought up, often.
I want the design book, because, well, design sponge is pretty stinking fabulous...and the color of the book would match my you know, it's obvious...I need it!

As for Kisses from Katie, my sweet friend Leah said it rocked her to the core.  So, I need to read it asap. I've always wanted to go to Africa, and I've always wanted to save the I think I'll love the book. 

I'm off to see what kind of deals I can score.  Have a splendid, lovely weekend my sweet readers.  Hope you spread your shine around like butter, A

Thursday, March 22, 2012


You know how everything you see these days has some kind of mission statement?  I was thinking, what is my mission in life?  Is it to just be a good person?  Or is it to do something greater?  How do I plan to accomplish this?  At the end of my it the accumulation of my deeds or an overall feeling I gave someone?  Is it just believing in Christ?  Or is it actually WALKING the walk and talking the talk?  When I am at His feet, what transgressions that I have done will be before me?  Could I have done more good?  Could I have loved more? 

All these thoughts are obviously along the same lines of living intentionally. And this is what I've decided....

I will strive to reflect grace, truth and love of Jesus Christ in my heart, in my home, in work, inside & outside the church & in the world.  Let God's Light in my heart SHINE brightly.  

I absolutely adore this picture because it reminds me to become like a child my faith, in my heart, and in my love for Jesus. How precious is that face!

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!  And that is what we are! The reason the world doesn't know us is that it did not know Him.  Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known.  But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.  Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure. 1 John 3: 1-3

In becoming like a child I will pray today to not be fearful of getting hurt, or what people will think of my strange child-like faith.  I will be at peace in Him.  Just for today, and hopefully everyday to come.  Hugs, A

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yellow Curls

Over at yellow curls they are doing an Annie Camille Studio give away.  You should totally pop over there and check out Ms.Kacey's great style and website.  She is expecting her first little baby and I did a guest blog over there.  I feel so legit! (I'm not though.) You should go over and enter to win some gold mums.  Good luck!  Kisses and hugs, A

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Hey guys....hope your day is more awesome than awkward.  It rained here like crazy last night....made me appreciate the above picture.  Makes you wonder how long it had been since it rained for them. Here are my akward and awesome lists for this week....enjoy my oddness.

  • Sam puking up lots of milk while driving over six hours and he puked within the first hour
  • Being on the side of the road trying to clean up puke while Ben pees in a field.  Yes, I am THAT girl.
  • Trying to potty in gas station bathrooms while holding Sam in my lap, and Ben tries to open the door.  Have you ever tried to pull up your pants with one hand?  It's harder than you think.
  • Having a port-a-potty in our backyard and trying to convince Ben to not go in there.
  • Why does my life all puke, farts, pees, and poops?  Boys.
  • Having a BMW cut me off not once, but twice very rudely, almost clipping my front end and wanting to shake my fist at the person like an old lady.  I gave a little sweet honk to say, "hey you sucka! You stink!"
  • Having spinach in your teeth and realizing it's been there a VERY long time and why didn't anyone tell you this?
  • Our garage is being all the random stuff around our house will FINALLY have a home!
  • Spring is upon us
  • Coming home from our trip to Mr. N cleaning the house, doing the dishes, doing the laundry and mowing the yard.  He knows the way to my heart.
  • Watching my friend Kim on survivor kicking booty
  • Getting to lay with Sam and pat him until he feel asleep while listening to rain, drinking in his little smell and watching his little face change with sleep.
  • Getting fired up about spreading some shine around and planning our intentional giving.
  • Using my credit reward points to buy some new super fly rainbow flips
Check you on the flip side....A

Early Easter Egg Hunt


Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Mr. Serious...he does not mess around when it comes to hunting!

Here are our sweet pics from an early Easter egg hunt.  As you can see, my parents do it up right.  Sam was much better at it than we thought he would be, which put the pressure on Ben to hurry!  Sam immediately wanted to start eating his loot, and decided that chocolate wasn't his fave, her preferred the starbursts....which lead to an amazingly sticky little man.  The cascarones were a hit and we had it everywhere. Ben of course scored the money eggs, so we are headed off to some cheapo place soon to spend his four bucks.  He is not a saver. It burns holes in his little pockets...he can't spend it fast enough. 

On another note....have you seen the shine project cards?  We've bought a bunch and as previously discussed, we are going to be intentional about spreading our "shine" around. Ben and I are currently planning how we are going to make it happen!  We aren't playing around here!  Hope your day is most grand. Love, A 
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