Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday (tardy)

Well hello there.  I am tardy for the party.  I had a great post for yesterday's awkward/awesome and life got in the way of posting.  We had a little accident over in our neck of the woods.  If you are a regular reader you know that Sam has been to the ER three times, but Ben none.  I think Ben caught up with Sam yesterday. 

We had a major bike accident.  I was on my bike with Sam's trailer behind me, and Ben was riding next to me.  We were going kind of fast, and of course being silly.  Think, alot of "Cowwwabungas!!"  Then, next thing I know, Ben is falling over on his side, while going fast and me next to him.  It all happened pretty fast, but we got ten stitches and lots of road rash out of it.  Oh, and two bags of skittles, a stuffed bunny and a new toy car.

Here is my tardy list....
  • Explaining to Mr. N about overspray on the back porch from spray painting (not me)
  • Having a "women" porta potty in the back yard
  • Being honked at while driving and then driving parallel to the honker for awhile.  I still have no idea what I did wrong, but I didn't dare look over at him.
  • Having stuff on my bum while wearing white shorts. 
  • Using our bathroom and looking out the back window and all of a sudden seeing a worker who can obviously see me!  Peep show anyone?
  • Thinking that I did really great with a student, only to later find out that I didn't.  Bummer. Good thing God knows my heart!
  • Mr. N.  (aka Mr. Awesome)
  • Sam is almost done cutting teeth!  Hip, hip, Hurray!  I can't wait!
  • Watching Ben and Sam at a Sock Hop dance away.
  • Max's Wine Dive fried chicken with two sweet and wonderful women
  • Finding the exact dress you want in your size, with a coupon (Thanks Sharon!)
  • Sam LOVEs to "brush" his teeth.  He totally goes through all the motions and watches Ben and I like a hawk trying to learn how to.  He even wipes his little mouth.  But when I try to actually brush them for him, it's NO!  So, I don't think they are really clean.  We'll see how that plays out.
  • Bike rides and watching Mr. N with our two little men.
  • Little boy hands in yours.
  • Having a secret way to say I love you to someone.
  • My students, when they sometimes think of me in their day, like I do of them.
  • Making Ben laugh his way through most of the stitches.  There were tears, but not too many. Yeah for somewhat funny mamas!

Both Awkward and Awesome:
Being hit on at the Gap.  Awesome because he thought I was in my twenties and not a mother of two.  I always think I just look like a mom. Awkward because I got to say nope, not twenty something, actually almost thirty four and a mother of two and happily married for almost ten years.  Yep.  That's me.
Hope your day is fantastic and full of doing great things for others. A

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