Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

I got this great idea from Ms. Sydney over at Daybook.  It's called Awkward and Awesome.  She usually does it on Thursdays, but what the hey....we are doing it today because I've got LOTS of material over here folks.

  • Getting head butted in the neck by Benno and being unable to breathe.  Thus, freaking him out.  Thus, not being able to really talk, or swallow, or move my neck.  Who needs those things anyways?
  • Finding one of those ginormous mosquitoish bugs in my car while driving down the highway and having a little freak-out moment-of get out, get out, get OUT! Whew, glad he's gone!
  • Trying to fly a kite in a field without reading the directions.  I have two college degrees, why should I read directions!
  • Running around like a chicken trying to get the stinking kite in the air, with no avail while Ben's friends and teachers watch.
  • Having the baseball field guy who is mowing come help me get a kite out of the tree....and kind of laughing at me.
  • Realizing that I've been walking around all day with my underwear on inside out.
  • One of my students told me that Maddy the dog was ugly.  I was so taken back that all I could muster out was, "That's just wrong."  How can you say such a thing?!  I was a little shocked at how angry I felt inside.
  • Finally getting the kite up in the air after reading the directions.  Had to humble myself people.
  • Getting to jump on my bed while dancing with Ben to a new song from Mandisa (see it here)
  • Watching Sam LOVE to dance.  It's alot of footloose type moves...lots of foot action.
  • That the very first "word" out of Sam's mouth when he wakes, and the last one as he goes to bed is Dance
  • Being told that I'm like the lady off of the Blind Side
  • It's only four days until spring break...and we are headed north to fish, play, and boat! 
  • Having amazing friends that love and support me no matter what, and through all my quirkiness.  Thanks guys.
  • Letting my light shine bright.

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