Monday, March 5, 2012

Biking It

Good Morning all my sweet readers!  I hope that this finds you well this glorious Monday morning.  We had a lovely weekend over at the "green house".   Mr. N was so mighty fine and moved a bunch of our stuff out of a friends garage and uncovered my fabulous vintage Schwinn bike.  How I love thee (the bike and Mr. N)!  I got to take my two little monkeys around for the block numerous times in our bike carrier. 

Then, I had the grand idea to go on craigslist and get a bike seat just for Sam that attaches to the bike right behind me (instead of the big bulky carrier that I pull).  It seemed so much easier for me to get in and out of the garage and a great idea.  But, I should have done my research, because now I have a bike seat and no way to attach it to my stinking bike. 


So, I get online and much could the part be right?  I paid $20 for the seat.  The part is $50!  Holy smokes!  That just won't work. 

Then, Mr. Smarty Pants, aka Mr. N, tells me they are on craigslist all the time, in the box, fully assembled, all parts attached, for the same price I paid. 

Yeah, that's right folks. 

Well, poop on me then. 

Today after school we are riding to the park to fly our new kites.  I will try to take pics....I didn't take a single one this weekend.  Sorry guys.  Hugs....A

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  1. You are so funny. I love those old bikes. They had them at the hotel we stayed at in Galveston last summer and I had so much fun riding it up and down the sea wall. The bigger, the better! :)


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