Friday, March 23, 2012

Heck to the Yes! Friday Ramblings...

Hi there guys.  It's Friday in these parts and I'm a little excited.  Maybe it was the very large Starbucks I inhaled this morning or the green smoothie....but I'm souped up and a little on the hyper side.  What are your plans for this weekend? 

I love it when you can just picture the whole weekend before you...and it just lays out for all the magic to happen!  We have a little girl birthday party to attend....soooo I get to finally purchase girly presents!   Tutus, ribbons, lace, little babies....who knows what I'll pick, but it will be pink!

I think our weekend will have spray painting, LOTS of laundry, hanging out with sweet buds in our pjs, hot coffee hopefully, and most definitely a cocktail or two in the evening once little dudes are snoozing. 

I'm trying to start reading classic novels and have a running list.  We are also trying to make sure that Ben reads all he is supposed to before kindergarten, so amazon and I are about to be very good friends in the book department.

Have you seen these Penguin Classics? They are so beautiful and I have collected a few and given some as gifts, but I need more, more, more!

Mr. N totally makes fun of me, because one time he was disrespectful to one of my new David Sedaris, pre-ordered, hard copy books, and I yelled, "Books are MY FRIENDS!"  How could you do that?!  I obviously still haven't lived that one down. It still gets brought up, often.
I want the design book, because, well, design sponge is pretty stinking fabulous...and the color of the book would match my you know, it's obvious...I need it!

As for Kisses from Katie, my sweet friend Leah said it rocked her to the core.  So, I need to read it asap. I've always wanted to go to Africa, and I've always wanted to save the I think I'll love the book. 

I'm off to see what kind of deals I can score.  Have a splendid, lovely weekend my sweet readers.  Hope you spread your shine around like butter, A

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