Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello again

Why hello there!  Hope your spring break was glorious and relaxing.  We ventured over to my sweet parents house for the break and enjoyed the zoo, fishing, lots of movie nights, and an early Easter egg hunt. 

The pictures above are of my sweet Sambo. He is hilarious and tough. He is a climber and chipped a tooth before his first birthday.  I wanted to post of him today because I am always so thankful that he has made it this far. 

Today is the funeral for a sweet two month old boy named Zachary Harmonson. I couldn't imagine burying my little ones and thank God daily that they are still on this earth.  For I am absolutely not in control.  Thank you sweet Jesus for my babies.  Thank you for letting me love them and care for them.  Thank you for choosing me to be their mama.  I'll do the very best I can for you.  I'll leave the rest for you.

Tight hugs and juicy kisses, A

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