Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos

What my life usually looks like.  Maddy is ever present.  Random towel on the ground where I found a "phantom" puddle. Sam's shirt on the table from me stipping off his clothes after a meal. Ben STILL eating, because he eats mad slow. We made whole wheat mac n cheese....delish!

Still with boogers....Yummy!

The water looks funky because they were bathing in an oatmeal bath.  Ben has eczema, boo.

Nothing makes them laugh more than squeezing water on each other!  (Especially on their booty.)

One of my favorite times to get extra kisses and hugs in, is post-bath.  So snuggly!

Mr. Goof ball

I put on his favorite song...."Good Morning" by

When I say lots of laundry, I wasn't joking!

Movie Night!!

Crashed and burned...finally!

Picnic the next day.  This is when I realized how WAY white I was.  Thank goodness for sunless tanner!

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