Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Life

Have you seen these?  They are called Project Life....and I ran across them maybe a year ago, and now they are kind of blowing up with free printables and stuff.  The premise is similar to scrapbooking, but WAY easier.  They make little cute cards and you can either journal on it, draw, or whatever.  The page layouts are clear pockets that you can just pop stuff into, like ticket stubs, kids art, etc.  You do it a little at a time throughout the whole year and then voila!  You are done.  They seem pretty easy  to do and get started....but do I actually want to add anything else for me to get done in a day or week?  

But, the main reason I would really like to do it is because Ben makes all these little weird art things everyday at school.  He totally caught me throwing some of them away the other day.  I felt horrible when I had to explain why I did it.  I just didn't think those particular ones were important.  It was alot of, "Mom, do you not think they are pretty?  I made them for you.  Why would you throw them away?"  It was brutal. 

I've done a shutterfly book for the past five years of Ben's little life of the entire year.  Is that enough?  But I can't put all their sweet art and the daily life stuff in there.  So maybe, just maybe I'll do it.  We'll see! 

Project life is available here

Hope your weekend is most grand.  We will be attending our very first soccer game, where Mr. N is so graciously coaching.  Ben won't even get to play this it should be interesting.  Hip, hip, hurray for Fridays!   Love, A

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