Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm a Weiner! I mean I'm a WINNER!

And the winner is.....drum roll please......Ms. Kate Kadane!  Congratulations Sunshine!  I'll be popping the beauties over to your house asap!

 I'm officially pooped today.  Wiped out. Done for.  And it's only 9:30 a.m....I really should consider getting myself together!  Mama needs to get some beauty sleep.  I've been staying up too late with either friends, Mad Men, Real Housewives of OC, or reading. 

Mr. N and I are headed to Ikea this weekend, Ben's soccer game, and possibly having a semi-garage sale.  Now that I write that....I'm already tired.  I'll just be napping at my desk today...wake me up at lunch please.  Smooches, A

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last Chance

The giveaway will be ending tonight at midnight if you still want to get in under the wire.   These gold mums are randomly going to one lucky winner!  Good Luck!

There are three separate ways to enter:
1. Either follow this blog (button on the left)
2. Add a comment below answering this question,
"What's your favorite spring time thing to do?"
3. Follow me on pinterest (also on the left)

Summer lovings

To say that I'm ready for summer is an understatement.  The being off, but not the heat.  Ben told me this morning in the bathroom that he doesn't want to go to school everyday.  He wants to be like some of the other kids, and just go a few days a week.  I had to tell him, so sorry, but no dice.  But, good thing us teachers have summer off and only work like half a year! 

Thus, I'm already letting my mind roam around a bit about our next great adventure and all the fun we want to do this summer.  I love this many of them we regularly do, but it is high time for a lemonade stand and livingroom sleepover!   I think the chalkboard "family rules" will have to be erased for awhile and this put up instead.

It has already gotten hot down here in these parts, and the sprinkler was turned on my kiddos last night.  It is so magical and fabulous.  Sam wasn't so sure at first, he hates it in his eyes, but he got the hang of it.  Are you ready for summer?  What are your plans? 



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

I've totally done this!

I didn't set my alarm last night, and woke to sweet Mr. N saying, babe you might want to get up.  Let me tell you, in the morning I run a tight ship.  I like my sleep, and will sleep until the last. very. moment.  I have a very small window to get ready, then get boys up, dressed and out the door.  If I don't make it, then I am obviously late for work, and students are waiting on me (and give me crap for it). I often pack lunches the day before and try to have lots ready for the next day.  But, when I don't do the front load of work the night before, I wake up earlier to compensate.  Weeelllll, not today.  No lunches were packed, no breakfasts ready, no bags ready.  No shower for me.  Yes, that's right.  I'm riding dirty.

  • Wearing red lipstick....I love it, but I feel odd all day long, like its all over my face or on my teeth.
  • Watching my first scary movie in awhile and my sweet friend laughing next to me.  It gave me nightmares!
  • When I use swype on my phone the word "you" is often becomes "tit." So watch out if I text you.
  • Not showering before work....but trying to look all fab anyways (yeah head bands!)
  • One of my relatives (Not naming names) totally tooting in front of John (HILARIOUS I say)
  • I'm not nearly as cool as my bro.  I'm just not.  Will never be.
  • Free cookie sample
  • Mad-Men and cocktails
  • Having a weekend without little dudes
  • Napping in the middle of the day
  • Feeling the sun on you when you pray
  • Junk shops and finding great stuff
  • Four day weeks (Hip, hip hurray!)
  • My parents
I think Ben and Sam were born knowing this.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gold Mum Giveaway

How bad do you want these lovelies?  Have you entered three times?  If not, you better bust a move!  The contest closes on Wednesday get after it! 

There are three seperate ways to enter:
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2. Add a comment below (or on Facebook) answering this question,
"What's your favorite spring time thing to do?"
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First Freedom

 This picture is called "First Freedom" which I found to be appropriate due to the fact that this was my first weekend without kiddos in almost a year.  I totally forgot what it feels like.  Do I want to shower, why yes, I do, thank you.  Do I want to nap?  Well, yes....maybe.  Do we want to go see a crappy scary movie in the middle of a Sunday afternoon?  Why the heck not?   Do you want white wine at two o'clock....Yes!

It was a great escape for the weekend, while my sweet parents watched my men.  But, I missed my little stinky, wiggly, sometimes cranky dudes.  They are my sunshine.  Back to the grind today.  Happy Monday sweet friends.  A

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wish List

With Mother's Day and my anniversary around the corner, it had me thinking what-o-what would I want above all else?   I do, however realize that I'm not your average mama though, and that this is very self-indulgent and self-absorbed of me, but, then I think....poop on that thought....just go for it sista! 

I love my bike, and need a stinking bell!  This one is only ten bucks!  Yes!  And it is so very lovely!  Then people can see and hear me coming down that hill.

Add caption
I used to think, why would anyone spend a full bill and some change on something as silly as this clarisonic do-dad.  (I bought the cheapo o-lay one that isn't nearly as fab.)  Then, I used my mom's.  It's a little like crack.  You use it, and it beeps at you that it's done, and you're like....oh, no!  I need more!  It vibrates and cleans your face like no-body's business.  Who knew that much junk was in there?   And since I'm almost mid-thirties, my face has decided to freak out and be a teen-ager again.  So, I need this!  Maybe it would inspire me to actually wash my face at night?

No longer available from anthropologie


Finally, I would love to have a cool radio to listen to when I'm cooking dinner, or doing dishes, or for dance hour with my little men.  It would go in our kitchen and we would jam out! 

I'm sure I could keep going, and going on stuff I might want or like, but these are at the very top of my list....but that's just not my style.  Are you listening Mr. N?  Love you loads!  A

Giveaway Blues

It has been brought to my attention that lots of people are having issues with posting a comment below to be entered in the contest.  Boo on blogger.  I don't really know how to fix, lets alter the rules just a tad to be more inclusive of those having problems.

There are three seperate ways to enter:
1. Either follow this blog (button on the left)
2. Add a comment below or on Facebook answering this question,
"What's your favorite spring time thing to do?"
3. Follow me on pinterest (also on the left)

Hopefully, this will help.  I will announce the random winner next Thursday!  Good Luck! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Give it away, give it away, give it away now....

In an effort to spread some joy and love around the blog-o-shpere, I thought it was high time to do my own give away.  Is that weird?  I don't know, but drum roll please.....

We are giving away a pair of these precious earrings that we like to call mums. They can be yours!  Here are the rules:

There are three seperate ways to enter:
1. Either follow this blog (button on the left)
2. Add a comment below answering this question,
"What's your favorite spring time thing to do?"
3. Follow me on pinterest (also on the left)

The giveaway will close Wednesday, April 25 at midnight and I will announce the winner on Thursday, April 26 in my morning post.

Who knows....I might even throw in another something special in that magical package!  Good Luck!

Mama Likes

Have you seen this beautiful space?  It is here over at Design Sponge.  I'm kind of obsessed. Check out that amazing coffee table will ya? And I love the color coded shelves and the wooden planter!  I'm totally going to look for one of those planters....craigslist maybe?  They are "furniture industry veterans Brin Reinhardt and Nathan Ursch have lived for two years in their Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, home, which is outfitted with decor and furnishings that exemplify their modern and eclectic tastes."  I'm drooling I say! 

I, of course, immediately went over to etsy in search of the precious masks and bathroom canisters.  No luck, I'll keep trying though.  I also love, love, love the various collections of cool shaped vases.  Junk shops and me are about to become very good friends again!  Have a great Wednesday sweet parents arrive tomorrow, so I better get my booty in high gear.  Hugs, A

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Oh, hello there!  It's awkward and awesome Tuesday around these parts.  And I've really enjoyed doing this little series, because it most definitely makes me think through my week and review it in completion.  I've found this main truth....I'm very odd, and silly, and like to laugh at myself.  Did you already know this?  It has been fun to try to teach Ben to laugh at himself too, especially when he just wants to get frustrated.  I think the Indigo Girls said it best, "Laugh at yourself, because you'll cry your eyes out if you don't."

  • Going to Ben's Doctor and trying to explain that I regularly make him laugh until he pukes, and what can she do for us
  • Coloring my hair with the same box I usually use, but coming out very, very blonde
  • Having animal crackers thrown at your head while driving.  And you guys wonder why women are bad drivers.
  • Getting to school and having a rubber fly in my purse
  • Drinking lots of fruit punch crystal light and talking to my students with red teeth. 
  • Picture this, Ben and John on top of the tree house throwing a soccer ball at their mom.  Mom, aka me, thinking, I'll go stand near Sam, our baby, so that maybe, just maybe they will rethink trying to hit me. Great thought, right?  John threw the ball pretty far across the yard at me, and having little reflex time, and not a sporty bone in my body, all I could do was try to dodge the ball.  The ball came within inches of little Sam.  You would have thought that I could have seen where the ball was going and try to protect my little one.  Oh no.  It took all my brain power to just avoid that freaking flying soccer ball coming our direction at the speed of light.
  • Getting Maddy dog’s hair cut, and the guy asking us why her ears are so gross. 
  • Teaching Sammy to try to kiss (but he tells me no, boo)
  • Getting Benno out of his funky, not nice mood over the past week
  • The book Power of the Praying Parent.  I've been reading it with my sweet friend Erin and both the book and Erin rock my socks.  If you are a parent, I highly recommend it. And we go eat at fabulous restaurants to discuss the book.  That's pretty legit.
  • Naps while children sleep.  A M A Z I N G, I say.
  • Being madly in love with Mr. N.  I’m one lucky woman.
Have a great day guys, love and hugs, A

Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Morning Sunshiney Peoples


My mind this morning is all across the freaking map.  So I thought I would let you in on the madness.  The above print made me laugh, besides being informative; I love the "Pimp My Lemonade" saying. you watch Mad Men?  Because it is AWESOME!  I just started watching it this season, so I really need to catch up, but boy-o-boy do I love watching it for all the amazing design, fashion, and of course story line.  It doesn't hurt though that I made a lovely strong tanquirey dry and dirty martini!  Hip, hip hooray for martinis.

Next, the listen earnestly print/quote is awesome because Ben often rambles on and on about all kinds of things. I usually listen to all of it, but every once in a while I will tune him out. It definitely convicted me to listen better.  Because that's when I hear all the little things that he's been learning about like, did you know that insects don't have noses?  And that all insects have three parts?  He tells me all these silly and wonderful things.  I love it.

Do you ever throw away any of the stuff your kids make?  Benno makes boocoos of stuff and I really like Dandee's idea about the per grade filing cabinet.  Right now all of his goodies are under his bed in a big storage bin and not by year.  So I'm totally doing this!  The link below the pic will take you to her blog for a free printable! 


Finally, did you know that I love spring?  Just love it.  The smells, clothes, all the new life...all equates happiness to me.  This weekend was spent with soccer, where we learned that Sam adores, and I mean ADORES oranges.  Another parent brought some sliced and cold, he went to freaking town and was eating them and putting them back.  I finally had to put the lid on and hand them back to her.  Last night he ate two oranges by himself with dinner.  We ran through sprinklers, got really gross by then going in the sand box, went on lots of bike rides, and looked for more roly polies than I would like to discuss here.  We are pros at finding them! 

I hope your day is so fabulous and wonderful that you just can't stand it.  Mine is so good, so far!  Hugs, A

Friday, April 13, 2012

Having Babies

Benno has been a bit of a stinker lately.  He talks back, gets easily frustrated and is just not his usual fabulous company.  I wondered where my little happy boy went?   He is so close to being a young little man I can't stand it.

Do you ever look at your little babies and think....How did they grow so stinking fast?  Please stop.  Just stay exactly like you currently are, please-o-please God, stop time for me. Just this once?

Lately I've been struck with the need to have more babies so I can keep feeling this awesome joy that is motherhood.  I love the way a toddler can make you feel like you hung the they gaze so lovingly at you. But then, I think, will another one be enough?  Why not have another, and maybe one more, then there is always adoption!

But, then I'm struck with the thought....why aren't the two I currently have enough?  The answer is, that they are enough.  I just don't really want to settle on the thought that my babies are growing up.  I can't swallow it just yet.  I just don't want time to pass so fast.  I want each little moment to last.  I want the snuggles and smells and giggles to carry me through eternity. Having more babies won't make time stop.  It will though grow my family more. If you have any amazing advice for me....feel free to throw it over this way.  Happy, happy Friday! Hope you can drink your babes in and make some memories. Love, A

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shut the front door

Can you tell I like color?  I've been reading this book called "Daring to be Yourself" by Alexandra Stoddard and it's made me really take a look around my house, and my wardrobe.  What do I like?  What do I want to change?  

When I was pregnant with Sam I looked around and realized that my taste had definitely changed.  I had always tried to mesh Mr. N's taste and mine together.  Needless to say, I don't really like his taste (sorry babe) and we were pretty opposite as far as designs go.  But, I've found the longer we've been married, the more they seem to meld together (or I've just wore him down....just jokes!)  He has these grand and fabulous ideas about things. 

As it would seem, I like orange, blues, yellows, and green.  Lots of it!  Oh....and I love white and grey as a backdrop.  I love to mix prints and designs and styles all up in a nice brew of awesomeness.   Mr. N would tell you I like owls and birds all over the stinking place.  He claims he lives in a constant state of me changing stuff too. Poor guy.

After school Ben and I are watching cars go by and playing crazy eights in the front yard.  Yippee! I'm starting to make lots, and lots of jewels for fiesta and am thrilled that tomorrow is Friday.  Have a great day guys....I will try to, love, A

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the soccer game as well as of Sam.  Lately, Sam loves to have his pic snapped.  He's all smiles and giggles.  I love seeing his little body and the arch of his back.  I can't really think of that many awkward things this week, I must be more on my game (not really, maybe just forgetful). Have a great, fantastic Tuesday guys....Hugs, A

  • Having a fever blister.  Boo.
  • Somehow scratching the middle of my forehead and putting a large divot in it
  • Getting pulled over AGAIN.  Getting yet another speeding ticket.  I really should consider slowing down.  I just can't get to my kiddos fast enough in the afternoons.
  • Having a crick in my neck to where you can't ever check your blind spot while driving. 
  • Christ is RISEN.  Hip, hip, hooray!  The tomb is empty!
  • Ben is starting to memorize scripture. It's pretty rad.  He'll ask me "What does it mean build someone up?"  or "What is a pure heart?"
  • Having a random stranger tell me what a great mom I am.  Yeah! (Stick that Wal-Mart lady!)
  • Easter candy is delicious and I steal it from my kids.
  • Actually making a good chicken dish....and it not being chucked in the trash like the grey pancakes.
  • Ben crawled in bed with me this morning...I was a mama sandwiched between two great guys!
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