Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Good Morning my sweet readers!  I couldn't sleep last night....which always seems to happen when I'm crazy tired.  I seem to have the best ideas at these times too.  And then the morning comes, I can't remember a darn thing. It stinks.  The above pics were from this weekend....Sam with homemade pizza all over his face, Ben in the bath so you can see all of his boo-boos, and then Sam sweeping EVERYTHING off the table.  Here is my list for today....which I know I'm forgetting something from my brilliant late night thoughts, but hey, it's better than nothing!  Have a most fabulous day and let your light shine.  Hugs, A
  • At the soccer game watching someone through trash on the ground, and me thinking, "how can you do that?"  She obviously saw it fall down too, and she decided to leave it there. 
  • Having a sparkling water explode everywhere...including on my white pants. 
  • Having a zit in the very.middle.of my.forehead.  Like a teenager.  Yes, I'm almost 34. 
  • Having someone ride past us on our bike, and Ben yelling out, "Mom, was that a man or woman?"
  • Rushing out of my classroom to puke.
  • Trying to go poo in our school toilets without anyone hearing me.  I'm pretty quiet and quick!  But, it's always sooooo embarassing to make a special treat and then come out of the stall, and be like, "oh...hi there."
  • Ben getting back on his bike!  Go Ben Go!
  • Watching Mr. N coach.  I love that man.
  • Answered prayers
  • Clean little boy bodies ripe for lots of kisses and snuggles
  • Having all our stuff in one location (it's been almost a year)
  • Getting the new Design Sponge book and having all new ideas for our home (much to Mr. N's dismay)
  • Sam eating not one, but almost two boxes of blueberries while grocery shopping.  I love that kid and how much he makes love to his food.

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