Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Oh, hello there!  It's awkward and awesome Tuesday around these parts.  And I've really enjoyed doing this little series, because it most definitely makes me think through my week and review it in completion.  I've found this main truth....I'm very odd, and silly, and like to laugh at myself.  Did you already know this?  It has been fun to try to teach Ben to laugh at himself too, especially when he just wants to get frustrated.  I think the Indigo Girls said it best, "Laugh at yourself, because you'll cry your eyes out if you don't."

  • Going to Ben's Doctor and trying to explain that I regularly make him laugh until he pukes, and what can she do for us
  • Coloring my hair with the same box I usually use, but coming out very, very blonde
  • Having animal crackers thrown at your head while driving.  And you guys wonder why women are bad drivers.
  • Getting to school and having a rubber fly in my purse
  • Drinking lots of fruit punch crystal light and talking to my students with red teeth. 
  • Picture this, Ben and John on top of the tree house throwing a soccer ball at their mom.  Mom, aka me, thinking, I'll go stand near Sam, our baby, so that maybe, just maybe they will rethink trying to hit me. Great thought, right?  John threw the ball pretty far across the yard at me, and having little reflex time, and not a sporty bone in my body, all I could do was try to dodge the ball.  The ball came within inches of little Sam.  You would have thought that I could have seen where the ball was going and try to protect my little one.  Oh no.  It took all my brain power to just avoid that freaking flying soccer ball coming our direction at the speed of light.
  • Getting Maddy dog’s hair cut, and the guy asking us why her ears are so gross. 
  • Teaching Sammy to try to kiss (but he tells me no, boo)
  • Getting Benno out of his funky, not nice mood over the past week
  • The book Power of the Praying Parent.  I've been reading it with my sweet friend Erin and both the book and Erin rock my socks.  If you are a parent, I highly recommend it. And we go eat at fabulous restaurants to discuss the book.  That's pretty legit.
  • Naps while children sleep.  A M A Z I N G, I say.
  • Being madly in love with Mr. N.  I’m one lucky woman.
Have a great day guys, love and hugs, A

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