Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

I've totally done this!

I didn't set my alarm last night, and woke to sweet Mr. N saying, babe you might want to get up.  Let me tell you, in the morning I run a tight ship.  I like my sleep, and will sleep until the last. very. moment.  I have a very small window to get ready, then get boys up, dressed and out the door.  If I don't make it, then I am obviously late for work, and students are waiting on me (and give me crap for it). I often pack lunches the day before and try to have lots ready for the next day.  But, when I don't do the front load of work the night before, I wake up earlier to compensate.  Weeelllll, not today.  No lunches were packed, no breakfasts ready, no bags ready.  No shower for me.  Yes, that's right.  I'm riding dirty.

  • Wearing red lipstick....I love it, but I feel odd all day long, like its all over my face or on my teeth.
  • Watching my first scary movie in awhile and my sweet friend laughing next to me.  It gave me nightmares!
  • When I use swype on my phone the word "you" is often becomes "tit." So watch out if I text you.
  • Not showering before work....but trying to look all fab anyways (yeah head bands!)
  • One of my relatives (Not naming names) totally tooting in front of John (HILARIOUS I say)
  • I'm not nearly as cool as my bro.  I'm just not.  Will never be.
  • Free cookie sample
  • Mad-Men and cocktails
  • Having a weekend without little dudes
  • Napping in the middle of the day
  • Feeling the sun on you when you pray
  • Junk shops and finding great stuff
  • Four day weeks (Hip, hip hurray!)
  • My parents
I think Ben and Sam were born knowing this.

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