Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Traditions

Hey Ya'll, hope your day is just magnificent.  With Easter around the corner, it got me thinking...What are our Easter Traditions as a family?  Because you know, Easter is kind of more important than Christmas when you really think about it.  I'm mean yes, it is important for Jesus to be born, but to die on the cross is pretty far up there!  We usually go to church, have an egg hunt, do Easter baskets, and usually lunch with family.

Ben and I have been reading all about the stories in his handy dandy bible, and he is super fired up just about everything.  He especially loves the whole part about the tomb being empty. 

What do you put in their Easter basket besides candy anyways?  We still have Valentine's candy....I don't really want anymore you know?   Ben absolutely adores this little squishy guys, so maybe more of those, and Sam is mad for stickers. 

We are going to dye eggs tomorrow and make a big ole mess in our house....maybe make pancakes and hang out in our pjs for the majority of the morning.  These two pics are from real simple and I think we will totally try them.  Wish me luck!   Hugs, A

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