Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Morning Sunshiney Peoples


My mind this morning is all across the freaking map.  So I thought I would let you in on the madness.  The above print made me laugh, besides being informative; I love the "Pimp My Lemonade" saying. you watch Mad Men?  Because it is AWESOME!  I just started watching it this season, so I really need to catch up, but boy-o-boy do I love watching it for all the amazing design, fashion, and of course story line.  It doesn't hurt though that I made a lovely strong tanquirey dry and dirty martini!  Hip, hip hooray for martinis.

Next, the listen earnestly print/quote is awesome because Ben often rambles on and on about all kinds of things. I usually listen to all of it, but every once in a while I will tune him out. It definitely convicted me to listen better.  Because that's when I hear all the little things that he's been learning about like, did you know that insects don't have noses?  And that all insects have three parts?  He tells me all these silly and wonderful things.  I love it.

Do you ever throw away any of the stuff your kids make?  Benno makes boocoos of stuff and I really like Dandee's idea about the per grade filing cabinet.  Right now all of his goodies are under his bed in a big storage bin and not by year.  So I'm totally doing this!  The link below the pic will take you to her blog for a free printable! 


Finally, did you know that I love spring?  Just love it.  The smells, clothes, all the new life...all equates happiness to me.  This weekend was spent with soccer, where we learned that Sam adores, and I mean ADORES oranges.  Another parent brought some sliced and cold, he went to freaking town and was eating them and putting them back.  I finally had to put the lid on and hand them back to her.  Last night he ate two oranges by himself with dinner.  We ran through sprinklers, got really gross by then going in the sand box, went on lots of bike rides, and looked for more roly polies than I would like to discuss here.  We are pros at finding them! 

I hope your day is so fabulous and wonderful that you just can't stand it.  Mine is so good, so far!  Hugs, A

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