Friday, April 13, 2012

Having Babies

Benno has been a bit of a stinker lately.  He talks back, gets easily frustrated and is just not his usual fabulous company.  I wondered where my little happy boy went?   He is so close to being a young little man I can't stand it.

Do you ever look at your little babies and think....How did they grow so stinking fast?  Please stop.  Just stay exactly like you currently are, please-o-please God, stop time for me. Just this once?

Lately I've been struck with the need to have more babies so I can keep feeling this awesome joy that is motherhood.  I love the way a toddler can make you feel like you hung the they gaze so lovingly at you. But then, I think, will another one be enough?  Why not have another, and maybe one more, then there is always adoption!

But, then I'm struck with the thought....why aren't the two I currently have enough?  The answer is, that they are enough.  I just don't really want to settle on the thought that my babies are growing up.  I can't swallow it just yet.  I just don't want time to pass so fast.  I want each little moment to last.  I want the snuggles and smells and giggles to carry me through eternity. Having more babies won't make time stop.  It will though grow my family more. If you have any amazing advice for me....feel free to throw it over this way.  Happy, happy Friday! Hope you can drink your babes in and make some memories. Love, A

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