Monday, April 9, 2012

Hola Hola

(Ben slept in a tent all I thought this was appropriate)

Pretty much nothing that I had planned happened.  Isn't that just the way it rolls sometimes.  I tried to make pancakes on Friday just as previously discussed....but did you know that you can't add the sprinkles before cooking?  Who knew?  Well not me.  It turned my pancake batter into grey paste.  No joke.  It was pretty gross.  Sam wouldn't even eat it.  And that is saying something.  So that flopped, but we are only at the beginning people. 

Then we thought....we should totally have a picnic in the park and go to the library.  Yes!  Splendid idea mom!  That actually did go pretty smoothly, except that I had spent all this time on the library website holding specific books for Ben to get ready for Kindergarten, and I didn't make it in time. They were all gone.  Oh well, we still got bunches of new books to read!   Later, Ben got to go play at a friends in the sprinklers, and I got to finish up their Easter baskets.  

Saturday was soccer, and being that I'm not in charge, it went swimmingly well. Except that Sam kept running onto the field and picking up the cones that marked the out of bounds lines.  Then we were off to nap and another birthday party.  We had the pleasure of then going to another person's home to play and eat more. Ben got popped in his bum chin by a friend because he called him a "poop head"  Yeah, that's right. 

I also tried to die our Easter eggs, as previously discussed.  Yep, no vinegar in the house.  So we have a bunch of pastel eggs and stained fingers.  Then I forgot to take them for the hunt.  Ben would get all upset at Sam because he was all free nilly with his dippings.  Yeah mamas!

Sunday was spent serving in the church nursery and then off to Nana's.  By the time we reached Nana's though both boys were absolutely spent.  They were so tired.  So the idea of having a nice, leisurely Sunday brunch was blown.  Ben wasn't wanting to eat and Sam wouldn't sit still.  The ball ended up being thrown throughout the house instead.  Nothing broke thank goodness. 

As I drove home from Nana's both boys yelled bloody murder and I was still wanting to drop off food for this sweet homeless guy selling papers named Fredrick. I didn't get to and when I went back he was gone.  I hope he wasn't disappointed in me.

At the end of the day I asked Ben, "So how was your Easter hon?"  He whispers in my ear, "Not necessarily good mom."  I'm like what!  How can this be?  But then, he so graciously reminded me there were no "squishy" guys in his Easter eggs.  Only candy and money.  Great, I'll keep that in mind.  

Expectations up next to reality. Totally not the same!  The main thing I kept thinking was..."It's all for Him."  Next year, I'll try again. Happy Mondays, A

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  1. Thanks for keeping it real. I can totally relate to these kinds of days and hope you don't get too discouraged. They'll remember the good!


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