Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer lovings

To say that I'm ready for summer is an understatement.  The being off, but not the heat.  Ben told me this morning in the bathroom that he doesn't want to go to school everyday.  He wants to be like some of the other kids, and just go a few days a week.  I had to tell him, so sorry, but no dice.  But, good thing us teachers have summer off and only work like half a year! 

Thus, I'm already letting my mind roam around a bit about our next great adventure and all the fun we want to do this summer.  I love this many of them we regularly do, but it is high time for a lemonade stand and livingroom sleepover!   I think the chalkboard "family rules" will have to be erased for awhile and this put up instead.

It has already gotten hot down here in these parts, and the sprinkler was turned on my kiddos last night.  It is so magical and fabulous.  Sam wasn't so sure at first, he hates it in his eyes, but he got the hang of it.  Are you ready for summer?  What are your plans? 



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