Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wish List

With Mother's Day and my anniversary around the corner, it had me thinking what-o-what would I want above all else?   I do, however realize that I'm not your average mama though, and that this is very self-indulgent and self-absorbed of me, but, then I think....poop on that thought....just go for it sista! 

I love my bike, and need a stinking bell!  This one is only ten bucks!  Yes!  And it is so very lovely!  Then people can see and hear me coming down that hill.

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I used to think, why would anyone spend a full bill and some change on something as silly as this clarisonic do-dad.  (I bought the cheapo o-lay one that isn't nearly as fab.)  Then, I used my mom's.  It's a little like crack.  You use it, and it beeps at you that it's done, and you're like....oh, no!  I need more!  It vibrates and cleans your face like no-body's business.  Who knew that much junk was in there?   And since I'm almost mid-thirties, my face has decided to freak out and be a teen-ager again.  So, I need this!  Maybe it would inspire me to actually wash my face at night?

No longer available from anthropologie


Finally, I would love to have a cool radio to listen to when I'm cooking dinner, or doing dishes, or for dance hour with my little men.  It would go in our kitchen and we would jam out! 

I'm sure I could keep going, and going on stuff I might want or like, but these are at the very top of my list....but that's just not my style.  Are you listening Mr. N?  Love you loads!  A

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