Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Awkward and Awesomeness

Yes,  I'm still here.  We took a small hiatus due to the fact that all my favorite places around the Internet were blocked at work last week.  Boo.  Thus, once I got home, their is absolutely no time to peruse and present you with a pretty little package of a blog post.  And besides that....
No, just kidding.  I have been processing through some deep and heavy stuff as of lately, and am not quite ready to share here.  You can obviously understand....privacy and junk. Well, lets get to it shall we?  I'm full, I mean full of aaawwwkward this week.

  • Going to the pool for the first time this summer, and having one sweet child of mine pull my green strapless suit down to flash one very white, not so attractive breast.
  • Sam pooped in the tub.  Hilarious, yes....Gross, heck yes!
  • You know that moment in a one-on-one conversation when you just feel like you want to fleet?  As fast as you can?  Like get in your car and leave?  Yep, that happened this week.
  • A student asked come see him rap in a show.  I, of course, say yes!  Mr. N insisted I bring a partner in crime, and I just couldn't understand why.  I can handle myself!  Well, needless to say, I'm so very glad I did.  Not only was I the only female in the joint that happened to be Caucasian, the only blonde, the only person wearing pants that weren't painted on, and the only person over the age of 25.  I stuck out.  Horribly.  There was at least ten cops, we were searched before going in, there was more drugs than Walgreens, and Walgreens doesn't carry those kind of drugs.  At one point, my partner in crime got a beer spilled all over his beautiful bald head.  He had that look like, "I'm beat the crap out of that dude."  I proceeded to take my styling green blazer off and dry off his head.   We both went home and took a very hot shower.
  • Seeing a young woman wear a pair of hipster briefs, a bustier and the most hooker shoes I've ever seen, (which is saying a lot, because I used to be a social worker helping prostitutes) as an outfit, in public.
  • Ben said to me, "I don't want to trade Sam for anything else.  Not even Jesus."
  • Ben also said, "Sammy is the cutest, most handsomest, most kindest, funniest baby ever!" (Then he also proceeded to fake burp all day, so don't worry, he's totally a boy.)
  • Pre-made frozen margaritas that like to live in my freezer until I decide they need to live in my belly.
  • I trimmed baby Sam's bangs, because he was totally Beiber.  Then once I trimmed the front, he had a mullet, so I continued in the back.  It looked pretty legit.  Go me.
  • Mr. N has been applying for the "Best Parent Ever" over at our house.  I think he'll win.
Have a awesome day my lovelies.....hugs, A

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Day Job

Lately it seems that a lot of people have absolutely no idea what I do as a day job and there have been questions.  Soooo, without further adieu, here it is....

I teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Geology, and Health to sweet 17-21 year old students at this amazing school.  (I'm not going to share the name of the school here for safety and privacy reasons.)

99.9% of my students are at-risk.  What does that mean you may ask?  It means this....something along the way derailed them and they were no longer successful at a normal high school.  This can be just about anything, either a current or past pregnancy, a drug problem, being homeless, or being arrested and/or imprisoned.  I run the teen-mom group and keep an important "hook-up" closet full of clothing, food and other necessities for everyone. 

Our school is open from 8 in the morning until 5:30 in the evening (I leave at 3ish).  Our students, however, only have to be at school for four consecutive hours because many of them work full-time and are parents. Everything is self-paced and directed for that individual student.  This means I don't have lesson plans, plus I don't have extra duties like clubs, sports, etc.  Which, if you've ever taught at a traditional school, you would know is HUGE.  Our staff truly loves our students, so many times kids come and don't want to leave....because our only focus is the students, how to get them to succeed in life and graduate. 

I love my job. It is one of my Godly callings in this life.  It is hard sometimes though.  It weighs heavy on my heart.  This year God gave me the utmost peace about going back to work, for I had no guilt taking my two little men to their sweet school. The other fabulous perk is that I only work 187 days a year.  Yeah, that's right!

What I tell my students when they arrive is this, I'm just happy to see you....just as you are.  Can I feed you?  Can I clothe you?  How can I serve you today?  I don't care what you've done or where you've been.  Let's just move forward.  I get to show them love and hopefully a piece of the very bright light that shines in my heart for God.  They've asked, "Mrs. why are you so happy?"  My answer is simple, becaue "I luves me some Jesus".  They later asked to make bumper stickers with this saying, and I did, twice.  Go change the world. A

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday in the Houzze

  • Being in the front yard, playing go-fish with my two little men, and Sam decided it was high time to go say hi to our neighbors.  I thought he was hiding in the bushes, which he loves to do.  But nooooo.  I looked up, and here come my neighbors with little Sammy. Yep. That's guy's mine.  Needless to say, he wasn't in the bushes...he went and knocked on their door.  Do you know where your children are?
  • I had blackberry juice on my shirt today before I ever left the house.  My children weren't even involved in the discrepancy.  Some things never change.
  • Having water come out the side of our house while showering. Not a good sign people.
  • Growing my hair and bangs out.   Is it a bob?  Or a blob?
  • Sometimes when people laugh at me, and I'm not sure if they are laughing at me, or with me.  I kind of have to check myself.  You never know!
  • My sweet friend Allyson's baby shower rocked!  Hopefully, I will post pics later.
  • Being woken up to Mr. N singing our traditional Dutch "Happy Birthday song" for my birthday
  • Mango margaritas and naps
  • Having a past student get married in my wedding dress on my birthday!  Congratulations Sara and Brian!
  • Mr. N made me a cake, with frosting, and sparkler candles, and everything.  What a man!  Ladies, he is all mine, get your paws off.
  • Receiving comfy black reef flip flops that I don't have to break in like those stinking Rainbow flips. 
  • Having a student tell me, Mrs-I know you've been praying for me.  I feel it....it's changing my heart. Yahoo for God!
I love the weeks when I look back and mainly see Awesome, not totally awkward things I do.  Because, lets be honest here, I'm usually much more awkward than awesome!  Have a splendid day.  Love and kisses, A

Monday, May 21, 2012

Homeless Strangers

Two above images from here

Have you seen these images before?  They haunt me at times.  Have you ever come across a person, who is not necessarily in your comfort zone, and it's just you and them?  This happens to me pretty often, driving, walking, just living.  I know that most of the time people just dismiss them. They walk right past, and they might see them, but not really see them. 

This morning, while driving to work, a car pulled up next to me.  We locked eyes.  I saw a broken person behind those eyes.  I, of course, without thinking, smile the biggest smile possible and put out happiness and peace towards them, hoping beyond all hopes, that they can feel the warmth. 

They were of a different race, different economic status, just different. I know that when they see me, they might think, what is that rich, white, witch looking at me?  Who does she think she is?  Because, I know that sadly, most of the time, someone who might look like me, won't acknowledge them. 

I'm learning to be the light. It's hard.  It's scary.  It puts people off.  People only see my outer exterior.  Not my heart.  Wouldn't it be amazingly awesome if you could just see people's hearts, not all the other fluff.   I really don't care about that crap anyway.  It just doesn't matter. 

My proposal to you today, my few sweet diligent readers is this, go out and spread the light around.  Let it shine and explode from deep in you.  Just let it go.  I'm going to try not to be afraid.  May God's blessings abound for you today my lovelies.  Hugs, A

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Fest

Full throttle, love.  With every cell of my being.  Passion as deep as it is wide.  That is how I want to live.  I want my heart to shine so bright for the love of God, that it hurts to look directly at it. 

I know for fact, that living in this manner is odd.  That it is not of this world.  That it makes some people a little turned off by me.  And a little nervous, if I do tell the truth.

You know what?  I'm okay with that.  Why not just go out...balls to the walls for some Jesus.  Who or what else would you do it for?  Yourself?  You are but dust in the wind.  Do it for something greater.  Step outside your comfort zone today.  Put yourself out there...heart forward.

If we don't have love, we have nothing.

Awaken my soul

Free here
Do you ever think, "What else you got God?"  What else can He possibly throw my way this week?  Oh, I totally do!  This totally spoke to me...and I keep going back to it.  Makes me thankful for my problems instead of feeling crappy about them. 

Excerpt from "Jesus Calling" from April 26:
"Welcome problems as perspective lifters. My children tend to sleepwalk through their days until they bump into an obstacle that stymies them. If you encounter a problem with no immediate solution, your response to that situation will take you either up or down. You can lash out at difficulty, resenting it and feeling sorry for yourself. This will take you down into a pit of self-pity.

Alternatively, the problem can be a ladder, enabling you to climb up and see your life from My perspective. Viewed from above, the obstacle that frustrated you is only a light and momentary trouble. Once your perspective has been heightened, you can look away from the problem altogether. Turn toward Me. and see the Light of My Presence shining upon you."

That's some pretty profound stuff that I'll brew on for awhile.  Makes me feel actually grateful for my problems.  Nuts I know.  Love and hugs, A

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Updates

Good Morning my lovelies!  On my drive into work this morning, I started thinking about all the pinterest things I've tired and what has worked and what hasn't.  I wanted to be honest and clear with you, because I'm by no means perfect, and that lots of things I try do not work.  But some do!   Hope my suggestions help!

From Here
Totally worked out...but had to do it more than once.  Sam broke one of the first jars...and then I only had two jars.  Boo. I would highly suggest using animals with a flatter bottom because when you hot glue the little animal feet to the jar, the boys twist on the animal to unscrew the jar and the little animal will pop off is there isn't enough surface area to glue. (I hope that makes sense!)
Spray painting it is super easy....just go slow, make lots of coats, and you will love it!  The boys love these too.

From here
The customizable chore chart is so lovely and wonderful, but I have trouble with being consistent and rembering it.  But, Ben really likes stuff like this.  The kids definetely need to be a bit older to enjoy and understand this one, and I wold make sure to tie a reward to getting a certain amount of checks.   Maybe I'll try it again at a later date. 
From here
 So, I totally ruined this one.  Did you know that you can "burn" chocolate.  Who would have thought it!  I had to actually throw this one away.  I tried VERY hard to make it work, but I kept recooking the chocolate not realizing that I was only making it worse!  One of my sweet cooking students informed me of a "double" broiler effect to melt chocolate.   I'll try this again when I get my cooking confidence back! 

From Here
We bought the mason jars and the glow sticks.  It would help if I read the stinking directions. I broke open the glow sticks and shook the goo in the jar, but didn't add the glitter.  Needless to say, my "fairy jar"  didn't look as fabulous as this one.  Ours was very juicy and liquidy, but, Ben still really enjoyed the overall effect.  I will definetely try this again with some super glitter!

From Here
Brilliant!  Totally worked except that Benno is very wiggly.  I have trouble with his awesome mop of a head because we've had two pretty horrible haircuts.  So instead of going in, I just trimmed around his little ears to "freshen" up his little head of hair, so we can postpone the inevitable. Besides, Mr. N despises it when I get the boys hair cut.  Sam has still not had a haircut! 

Hope your day is glorious.  I wish it wasn't Wednesday.  They are my least favorite days.  Especially now that there is no Survivor to look forward to this evening.  But, regardless....hope yours is super stinking fantastic!  A

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Are you ever in a funk?  Not necessarily a bad mood, but not a good one.  That's where I'm hanging out today.  Just a little annoyed, but not really sure why.  Maybe it's the weather, or that I have so few students near the end of school that I have to look for things to do, or that I'm just in a funk.  Boo on me.

  • There are eleven days left of school before summer
  • My new bike bell and light, that Mr. N spray painted fun colors
  • Kim won survivor
  • Falling asleep to rain
  • Gin and tonics
  • Glow sticks in the bath tub
  • Having Sam squeeze one of those pureed pouches everywhere at the gro.  We had purple goo all over everything from my wine, to the mac n cheese
  • Being at a jumpy party with Benno, and while playing dodge ball on this huge trampoline and being silly, I totally and completely ATE it.  Like fell and rolled over and laid out. Sweet...yes, that's my mom over there.
  • Ben is in this odd stage of not liking dirty things....bad news kid....your mom isn't the best housekeeper.
  • Maddy dog's weird hair problem.  She looks like the has mange and licks herself all the freaking time.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Winner

Do you think he is excited?  He was so thrilled that he won the metal.  My sweet child of mine, didn't make a goal, but as he said "I kicked the ball more!"   Being the coach's son is hard work.  Mr. N struggled with when to give his own son the special metal.  All the other kiddos either scored, or worked hard, or hussled, or overcame their fear.  Nope, not us.  We show up every week and have a great attitude. 
Ben, I'm so very proud to be your mom.  You are the light in my eyes.  I thank sweet God for you daily.  Thanks for picking me B,
love, mama duck.

Freaking Survivor

Have you met Kim?  She's my sweet friend that JUST WON SURVIVOR!!  Holy crap!  I still can't get over it!  Not only am I fan of the show and of her, but she played the most impeccable game in my humble opinion. 

You go girl.

Love you!  A

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ode to my Mama

Have you ever met my mom?  She is amazing to say the least.  She loves and lives with her heart forward. She will absolutely do anything for her children, and children's children.  She has taught me how to be a good mom.  She is as generous as the day is long.  She has lifted me up when I'm at my lowest.  She has loved with all that she is. She has taught me what unconditional love feels like and looks like between a mother and a child.  She is magic.  She is talented beyond understanding.  We are different but the same if that's even possible.  She is a part of me and I her.  She loves my children like I would.

Thank you mom for loving and growing my spirit.  Thank you for forgiving my transgressions over the years.  Thank you for giving all of yourself.  I hope I treated it kindly.  I love you more than I could every express and thank God daily for letting me have such a fabulous mama. 

Tight hugs and juicy kisses,
your littlest angel.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smooches and Smells


Last night I got my very first actual kiss from baby Sam.  On the lips....a little sweet peck from my baby. And then, to melt me a bit more, he replies, "more".  I wanted to scream from the rooftops!  He did it!  It was so very precious and tender.  The only reason I'm sharing, is because I want to remember it forever as the day my baby kissed me for the first time.

Additionally, odd of me, I love to smell my children.  I know that might sound strange, but it's true.  I love to smell their heads upon waking up....and their sweet morning breath.  Does anyone out there do this?  I like the smells of their little funky feet and their after school smells. I don't know if it's because I have such horrible eyes, that my sense of smell is so strong....but I love to drink/smell in my little men. 

Hope you have the most swimmingly fabulous day my lovies....I know that I will try my hardest! 

Hugs, A

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cocktail Date

If we were to meet for a cocktail this evening I would tell you how much I love stitch witchery and that I should really learn how to sew.  That I completed 13 panels last night ironing with that darn stitch witchery stuff and was very proud of my work. My mama would be proud too.

I would probably tell you that I love my job.  All of them.  Being a mom, a teacher, and a wifey to Mr. N.  They are all super hard jobs, but completely worth all the effort.

I might tell you that this week is teacher appreciation week and that I've eaten entirely too much, and that I should pass on that extra dessert if I still want my clothes to fit!

If we were meeting for a cocktail, I might share that I read way too many magazines and books at one time.  I'm halfway through about ten right now.

I might share that the more wine I drink, the better my jewelry and designs become.  I call it my "creative juice."

I would tell you how much I enjoy your company and that I just like to listen to you.  All of you.  Your heart, your daily activities, and the deep stuff too.  And of course, the southern in me would say thanks for inviting me!  Smooches, A

Puddle Jumping

Are these guys not precious?  I love that they are holding hands.  Got to love that.  The boot pic is hilarious to me, because after numerous attempts....I could never get Sam's boots due to his BELLY!  It reminds me of Hank from King of the Hill. 

Ben and Sam only looked like this for about ten minutes.  Then they were absolutely disgusting from the muddy puddles.  Late last night I stepped out our front door and was reminded that we had completely stripped down on the front porch...wet diaper, boots full of water, muddy clothes....all still there. 

Happy day to you and yours lovies...A

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

  • Shaved Ice!  If I ever have a sno-cone stand, which might totally happen by the way, I would want mine to look something like the cute camper!  And I've been searching for a good sno-cone stand for years in San Antonio, and one of my students just got a new job....and it's a sno-cone place.  Hurray!
  • Waking up and still have confetti in your hair from cascarones.
  • Thunderstorms
  • A springy manicure (haven't had a mani in a year)
  • Impromptu mommy and me days
  • Having thick, yummy, healthy pancakes with Ben at Twin Sisters Bakery
  • Rosemary asiago cheese, salami, and white wine
  • Teacher appreciation week (think lots of free delicious foods!)
  • Breaking the barrier on the scale (finally dropping below a certain point) and then due to some of the items listed above....only seeing that itty number for a day. 
  • A past student is borrowing my wedding dress is getting married on my birthday.
  • Fresh, bright ranunculus in vases around my house.
  • Sam learned how to pick his nose.  He sticks it right up in there....pretty far too. And then just sits there.  Ben laughs and hollers.
  • I'm the mom stripping off wet clothes in the front yard.  I'm sure my neighbors thank me for seeing white, neeked little men!
  • I'm sure there is more....but God is good to let me forget!

Grateful Hearts

It's been a long road. 
But the choice was mine, and mine alone.
The more I seek you, the more the world hates me.
You give the this peace to me sweet Lord, that fills my ever soul.
Thank you.

You scoop out the bad out of my heart, and refill it with peace and love. 
Thank you.

Thank you for loving me where I am at and gently guiding me back.
Thank you for changing my perceptive on absolutely everything.
Thank you for making me realize that problems are only a new way for me to search and serve you.
Thank you for telling me to not store up anything in this world.  Objects, people, money, my children. 
They are all yours. 

Thank you for my abundant blessings.
Please help me to know that I don't control my security.  You do.
Please help me to learn to relax in your arms rather than worldly relief.
I fear nothing Lord thanks to you in my heart and soul.
Thank you for the spirit that resides in me.
I look forward to the day I'm home with you.  
I'm ready when you are.
Love, A

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Love Texas

I found these via pinterest this week and they are available here. Are they not precious?!?  I added the little heart on San Antonio via Paint (because I don't know Photoshop yet).  The Vintage Lemon has every state and an extra set of hearts to add a pop of color in your home town.   They just rock my socks.  Love, A

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Face Forward

When we first got our camera, this was my first self portrait of Benno and I. A little too close for my comfort or pores or wrinkles if I do say so myself.  But still....look at that sweet little man with all his teeth still intact!    
These next two were taken this weekend, in efforts to get Sammy in there.  So a few years later with no makeup....and a lot closer....you can REALLY see all my stinking pores and wrinkles.  But check out my sweet little men!  We could never get all three of us in the picture.  We are so happy though.  I just try to drink them in daily....the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Have a grand day my lovelies....A

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Well, we FINALLY did it.  Thanks to our sweet neighbors, we had a garage sale.  Mr. N and I have been sitting on quite a bit of stuff due to our two moves and two downsizes.  It was so odd to see all our stuff sitting on tables and people going through our things.  Mr. N kept saying, "I can't believe she is selling that."  And I kept saying/thinking....just because I like this object, doesn't mean I have space for it, or use it.  If it just takes up space in our life and is not being used or loved-sell it!  So that's what we did.  I really liked the quote above because with two little men running around our home....I know that lots of the "things" I love will be broken.  And I think I'm okay with that today.  I want the memories with our little family instead.  We can't take the crap with us anyway.

  • Having a child run around the park in his boxer briefs barefoot
  • Staying in a brand new Motel 6.  I don't know how to explain it, it was just an awkward space.  Nothing in particular.....it was just odd.
  • Waking up to there being poop on the floor right by your side of the bed....with corn in it.
  • Having someone say something not-so-kind to me...and all I'm thinking is please don't punch them in the face.
  • Thinking something and it accidentally coming out of my mouth in public. 
  • Ikea rocks my socks
  • Garage Sale lovings, that almost covered our Ikea trip
  • Duck Dynasty show.  I laughed so hard I cried.
  • Mighty Fine Burgers, fries, and beer.
  • Those Margaritas you can put in the freezer that already have the alcohol in it, and you just stick your straw right in....who knew?
  • Having a random holiday off like Battle of Flowers
  • Testimony Sundays at Wayside
  • Having a snuggly Mr. Sam in my arms
  • Playing charades with Ben
  • Mr. N hanging our new light fixtures!  Hip, hip hurray for Mr. N!!
Have a great Tuesday my lovies.  I will try my best to, hugs, A
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