Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

  • Shaved Ice!  If I ever have a sno-cone stand, which might totally happen by the way, I would want mine to look something like the cute camper!  And I've been searching for a good sno-cone stand for years in San Antonio, and one of my students just got a new job....and it's a sno-cone place.  Hurray!
  • Waking up and still have confetti in your hair from cascarones.
  • Thunderstorms
  • A springy manicure (haven't had a mani in a year)
  • Impromptu mommy and me days
  • Having thick, yummy, healthy pancakes with Ben at Twin Sisters Bakery
  • Rosemary asiago cheese, salami, and white wine
  • Teacher appreciation week (think lots of free delicious foods!)
  • Breaking the barrier on the scale (finally dropping below a certain point) and then due to some of the items listed above....only seeing that itty number for a day. 
  • A past student is borrowing my wedding dress is getting married on my birthday.
  • Fresh, bright ranunculus in vases around my house.
  • Sam learned how to pick his nose.  He sticks it right up in there....pretty far too. And then just sits there.  Ben laughs and hollers.
  • I'm the mom stripping off wet clothes in the front yard.  I'm sure my neighbors thank me for seeing white, neeked little men!
  • I'm sure there is more....but God is good to let me forget!

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