Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Are you ever in a funk?  Not necessarily a bad mood, but not a good one.  That's where I'm hanging out today.  Just a little annoyed, but not really sure why.  Maybe it's the weather, or that I have so few students near the end of school that I have to look for things to do, or that I'm just in a funk.  Boo on me.

  • There are eleven days left of school before summer
  • My new bike bell and light, that Mr. N spray painted fun colors
  • Kim won survivor
  • Falling asleep to rain
  • Gin and tonics
  • Glow sticks in the bath tub
  • Having Sam squeeze one of those pureed pouches everywhere at the gro.  We had purple goo all over everything from my wine, to the mac n cheese
  • Being at a jumpy party with Benno, and while playing dodge ball on this huge trampoline and being silly, I totally and completely ATE it.  Like fell and rolled over and laid out. Sweet...yes, that's my mom over there.
  • Ben is in this odd stage of not liking dirty things....bad news kid....your mom isn't the best housekeeper.
  • Maddy dog's weird hair problem.  She looks like the has mange and licks herself all the freaking time.

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