Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cocktail Date

If we were to meet for a cocktail this evening I would tell you how much I love stitch witchery and that I should really learn how to sew.  That I completed 13 panels last night ironing with that darn stitch witchery stuff and was very proud of my work. My mama would be proud too.

I would probably tell you that I love my job.  All of them.  Being a mom, a teacher, and a wifey to Mr. N.  They are all super hard jobs, but completely worth all the effort.

I might tell you that this week is teacher appreciation week and that I've eaten entirely too much, and that I should pass on that extra dessert if I still want my clothes to fit!

If we were meeting for a cocktail, I might share that I read way too many magazines and books at one time.  I'm halfway through about ten right now.

I might share that the more wine I drink, the better my jewelry and designs become.  I call it my "creative juice."

I would tell you how much I enjoy your company and that I just like to listen to you.  All of you.  Your heart, your daily activities, and the deep stuff too.  And of course, the southern in me would say thanks for inviting me!  Smooches, A

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