Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grateful Hearts

It's been a long road. 
But the choice was mine, and mine alone.
The more I seek you, the more the world hates me.
You give the this peace to me sweet Lord, that fills my ever soul.
Thank you.

You scoop out the bad out of my heart, and refill it with peace and love. 
Thank you.

Thank you for loving me where I am at and gently guiding me back.
Thank you for changing my perceptive on absolutely everything.
Thank you for making me realize that problems are only a new way for me to search and serve you.
Thank you for telling me to not store up anything in this world.  Objects, people, money, my children. 
They are all yours. 

Thank you for my abundant blessings.
Please help me to know that I don't control my security.  You do.
Please help me to learn to relax in your arms rather than worldly relief.
I fear nothing Lord thanks to you in my heart and soul.
Thank you for the spirit that resides in me.
I look forward to the day I'm home with you.  
I'm ready when you are.
Love, A

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