Monday, May 21, 2012

Homeless Strangers

Two above images from here

Have you seen these images before?  They haunt me at times.  Have you ever come across a person, who is not necessarily in your comfort zone, and it's just you and them?  This happens to me pretty often, driving, walking, just living.  I know that most of the time people just dismiss them. They walk right past, and they might see them, but not really see them. 

This morning, while driving to work, a car pulled up next to me.  We locked eyes.  I saw a broken person behind those eyes.  I, of course, without thinking, smile the biggest smile possible and put out happiness and peace towards them, hoping beyond all hopes, that they can feel the warmth. 

They were of a different race, different economic status, just different. I know that when they see me, they might think, what is that rich, white, witch looking at me?  Who does she think she is?  Because, I know that sadly, most of the time, someone who might look like me, won't acknowledge them. 

I'm learning to be the light. It's hard.  It's scary.  It puts people off.  People only see my outer exterior.  Not my heart.  Wouldn't it be amazingly awesome if you could just see people's hearts, not all the other fluff.   I really don't care about that crap anyway.  It just doesn't matter. 

My proposal to you today, my few sweet diligent readers is this, go out and spread the light around.  Let it shine and explode from deep in you.  Just let it go.  I'm going to try not to be afraid.  May God's blessings abound for you today my lovelies.  Hugs, A


  1. Hi girlie! This post reminded me of one of my favorite books. Have you ever read Same Kind Of Different As Me? If not, it's fantastic and you'd love it. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  2. Actually yes, it's one of my favorite books! I need to reread it though, I remember reading it in a day and boohooing!


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