Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Updates

Good Morning my lovelies!  On my drive into work this morning, I started thinking about all the pinterest things I've tired and what has worked and what hasn't.  I wanted to be honest and clear with you, because I'm by no means perfect, and that lots of things I try do not work.  But some do!   Hope my suggestions help!

From Here
Totally worked out...but had to do it more than once.  Sam broke one of the first jars...and then I only had two jars.  Boo. I would highly suggest using animals with a flatter bottom because when you hot glue the little animal feet to the jar, the boys twist on the animal to unscrew the jar and the little animal will pop off is there isn't enough surface area to glue. (I hope that makes sense!)
Spray painting it is super easy....just go slow, make lots of coats, and you will love it!  The boys love these too.

From here
The customizable chore chart is so lovely and wonderful, but I have trouble with being consistent and rembering it.  But, Ben really likes stuff like this.  The kids definetely need to be a bit older to enjoy and understand this one, and I wold make sure to tie a reward to getting a certain amount of checks.   Maybe I'll try it again at a later date. 
From here
 So, I totally ruined this one.  Did you know that you can "burn" chocolate.  Who would have thought it!  I had to actually throw this one away.  I tried VERY hard to make it work, but I kept recooking the chocolate not realizing that I was only making it worse!  One of my sweet cooking students informed me of a "double" broiler effect to melt chocolate.   I'll try this again when I get my cooking confidence back! 

From Here
We bought the mason jars and the glow sticks.  It would help if I read the stinking directions. I broke open the glow sticks and shook the goo in the jar, but didn't add the glitter.  Needless to say, my "fairy jar"  didn't look as fabulous as this one.  Ours was very juicy and liquidy, but, Ben still really enjoyed the overall effect.  I will definetely try this again with some super glitter!

From Here
Brilliant!  Totally worked except that Benno is very wiggly.  I have trouble with his awesome mop of a head because we've had two pretty horrible haircuts.  So instead of going in, I just trimmed around his little ears to "freshen" up his little head of hair, so we can postpone the inevitable. Besides, Mr. N despises it when I get the boys hair cut.  Sam has still not had a haircut! 

Hope your day is glorious.  I wish it wasn't Wednesday.  They are my least favorite days.  Especially now that there is no Survivor to look forward to this evening.  But, regardless....hope yours is super stinking fantastic!  A

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