Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Lovings and Ramblings

Hip, hip hooray for Fridays before a long weekend!  Do you have any grand plans?  We have very few, and I like it that way.  I love it when the whole day just lays before you and you see where it takes you!  College football will certaintly be on at our house, now, if only we could open all the windows and have it cool and crisp!  Wouldn't that be fab?  I'm sure Ben will get up crazy early and the boys will spend a good majority of their day with no pants on.

In our old, small house we have a very open closet.  It's this horrible non-descript color of drabness. I made huge white curtains out of cheap IKEA curtains, but Mr. N rarely closes them, thus I wake up to looking at all our junk every morning, which is never a pretty view.  Thus, I'm thinking about painting the built-in drawers like one of these pretty ombre do-dads and the rest a clean white.

I'm pretty sure I can do it, it's just a matter of taking all our crap out of the closet, keeping kids from touching wet paint, etc.  Wish me luck.  I might not tackle this project this weekend, for I feel pretty stinking unmotivated!  But, a girl can dream right? 

Happy, happy weekend to you my dear sweet reader.  Thanks for all the love and support this week. I'm mucho, mucho better!  Thank you for the prayers too.  They are appreciated!

Love and hugs, A

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dumps and Treasure

Mr. N and I went to Guatamala City last year to serve in this amazing ministry called Potter's House.  Potter's House serves the sweet communities of people, called "Treasures" that work and live in the city dump. 

Well yesterday, heavy rains in Guatemala City caused a landslide in the garbage dump. More than twenty of the "Treasures" died, buried by trash and there are several more reported as missing in the garbage dump. Three neighborhoods are flooded and one house collapsed because of the heavy rains.
Right now the staff of Potter's House is mobilizing to the different areas affected to find out how
we can support the families in need.

Any help you can bring them right now will be of great help to cover this emergency.

You can donate here if you feel called to.  Every little bit will help these amazing and sweet people.  Thanks in advance for your donation and support. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Rough Around the Edges

This is a long post, so grab a cup of tea and feel free to take a break if needed.

The last two days have been a rough.  I'll be honest.  In all efforts to tell it like it is over here in these parts....I've been a hot mess.  I've cried more times everyday than I can count.  Mr. N will ask, what's wrong hon?  And I can't express all the emotions and messiness that I feel inside.  I feel raw and exposed....a little naked if you will. I feel like everyone can just see right through me and see all my sin.

I always have to sit and brew on it for a bit before I can communicate how I'm feeling.  But, I finally think I'm ready.  With Ben headed to Kinder, it made me of course sad that it was the beginning to the end.  Then I think, should I work outside the home?  Shouldn't I just stay home and try to be a good mom?  Then, all my doubts, concerns, feelings of inadequacy just take over in a tornado of crap.  And I turn into a puddle of unhappiness, insecurity, and goo.

Last year, when I went back to school, God granted me the most peace I've ever had about the decision. Not this year sista!  I'm on the fence. Because part of me thinks, I only have three more years with Sam before Kinder....I need to live it up!   But then I am abandoning my hurting students.  What to do?

A sweet, sweet friend Kim sent me a link this morning to here, it's this amazing lady named Glennon who pours out her enormous heart on her blog, momastery.  It was an answered prayer for me today.  She writes about there not being such thing as Carpe Diem.  That sometimes motherhood is hard and not alot of fun.  But other times, it is precious and wonderful.  In those moments, just enjoy it, drink it in.  Don't feel guilty when the poo hits the fan that you are counting down the moments until bedtime. She writes about missing armour needed to deal with this world and feeling awkward, unworthy and exposed.   She cusses and I love it.  She has massive guts to write like she does, because it is scary people. 

So, where I'm at, thanks to Momastery and sweet God is this-

My nakedness allows me to tell the truth without shame or fear and my brokeness is what allows others to trust and love me. My sensitivity is what drives me to feel the pain of others and love them so fiercely.  My compassion is only God's way of whispering to me...."Act Annie!  Do it NOW!  One of my babies is hurting!  HELP them!"  Thus, I will continue to work with my broken, shattered students.  It will make me a better mom, and my children can see that I daily try to help others and make the world a better place.  My actions should always be more than my words.  I want my children and the world to think of me, and only feel LOVE. 

I will try today to be thankful for God always making my heart hurt for others.  I will try to see it as a beautiful magical blessing that he has shared with me, and I will try to do something for his kingdom.  Thanks for reading and supporting me.  I truly cherish you and your thoughts. 

Love and kisses, A

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrations in the House

These two dudes adore each other.

Mr. No Pants McGee
 How do you celebrate the first day of school?  I was there when they stepped off the bus and we ventured over to Amy's ice cream to enjoy some delicious treats that they throw in the air!  It's pretty rad. Then we proceeded to go on home and I tried to put together a nice, "fancy" dinner to celebrate the man of the day!  Ben then told me, "I don't really like fancy, but if you do mom, then go for it."  Way to make me feel awesome. (Not).

So I tried to make it nice, but not too nice. Which, if I really think about it, that is probably a good way to describe how I do most things.  No one wanted to wear the cute party hats either.  Boo. Have you seen how NieNie celebrates going back to school....if not you should here. She makes all these amazing crowns and it's crazy cute.  Ours wasn't like that, but it was still special to us.  Have a grand Tuesday my sweet friends.

Love, A

Monday, August 27, 2012

This Moment

My baby is in kindergarden. I truly can't believe this moment is here. This situation feels so very heavy to me for some reason.  As the first school day crept up on me, I felt it was really no big deal, because he's been in school/daycare his entire life.  But now, he is REALLY in school.

Yes, I know I'm being dramatic, but I almost feel like this is the beginning to the end. And, yes, I know this is crazy for me to think this.  But I do.  The lump in my throat grows until I tear up.

If I could pause this time, I would. When I see his little face, I see a big kid, no longer my little boy. As crazy as this is, I feel I can just see his entire life ahead of him.  All the hurts, happiness, decisions, learning, loving, and growing....just rolled out ahead of his little feet.

He makes me want to be the very best person I can be.  He makes me want to love everything as hard as I can.  Ben, you are my happy thoughts.  Thank you.

Today I will just breathe him in, his sweet breath and tight hugs.  I will make this moment count for everything it is.  I can never get it back again. 

Love and teary eyes, A

Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Wrap Ups

Check out his undies and sponge bob reel!

Sam says, "I don't want in the picture!"

Feeding the ducks

Sam is jumping from pretty high up....and he just trusts that Poppy will catch him, I love this pic!
 Well, I think it's over.  Our summer is officially over this weekend.  We plan to hit the farmers market and spend the rest of the time at the pool.  Ben starts Kindergarten next week.  I can't believe my baby is starting public school!  Holy smokes!  Where did the time go?   We have bought the school supplies, got a new haircut, some new tennis shoes that tie, and are ready to rock-n-roll!  I've spent this entire week gearing up for my students returning next week.  If I could freeze time, I truly would at this point.  It's pretty heavenly with my little men.  They are alot of action, crazy, accident prone, nutty, exhausting, loving and every ounce of fabulousness. 

Have a great last weekend of summer all!  I love fall and am getting stoked for the first crisp day!  Love and hugs, A

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, hello there!  I'm back at work this week, and a Gigi came in to the rescue to keep two little men in check while I'm getting ready to change the world!  I always get so excited for another school year, it's either the smell of school supplies, or the thought that fall is on the way, but I get pretty stoked.  It is very bitter sweet for me though, because I truly enjoy my time with Ben and Sam. I can't ever believe how quickly time goes by.  It seems that the older I get, the faster time flies.  Why is this?  If I could freeze my babies where they currently are, I think I would.  They are precious. 

Here are a few of our summer adventures!  Fishing with Poppy and Gigi is always fun.  That sponge bob reel has paid for itself!  I have loads more summer wrap up pics to post, so come on back over!  Have a great Tuesday guys, love A
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