Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrations in the House

These two dudes adore each other.

Mr. No Pants McGee
 How do you celebrate the first day of school?  I was there when they stepped off the bus and we ventured over to Amy's ice cream to enjoy some delicious treats that they throw in the air!  It's pretty rad. Then we proceeded to go on home and I tried to put together a nice, "fancy" dinner to celebrate the man of the day!  Ben then told me, "I don't really like fancy, but if you do mom, then go for it."  Way to make me feel awesome. (Not).

So I tried to make it nice, but not too nice. Which, if I really think about it, that is probably a good way to describe how I do most things.  No one wanted to wear the cute party hats either.  Boo. Have you seen how NieNie celebrates going back to school....if not you should here. She makes all these amazing crowns and it's crazy cute.  Ours wasn't like that, but it was still special to us.  Have a grand Tuesday my sweet friends.

Love, A

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