Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dumps and Treasure

Mr. N and I went to Guatamala City last year to serve in this amazing ministry called Potter's House.  Potter's House serves the sweet communities of people, called "Treasures" that work and live in the city dump. 

Well yesterday, heavy rains in Guatemala City caused a landslide in the garbage dump. More than twenty of the "Treasures" died, buried by trash and there are several more reported as missing in the garbage dump. Three neighborhoods are flooded and one house collapsed because of the heavy rains.
Right now the staff of Potter's House is mobilizing to the different areas affected to find out how
we can support the families in need.

Any help you can bring them right now will be of great help to cover this emergency.

You can donate here if you feel called to.  Every little bit will help these amazing and sweet people.  Thanks in advance for your donation and support. 

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