Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Wrap Ups

Check out his undies and sponge bob reel!

Sam says, "I don't want in the picture!"

Feeding the ducks

Sam is jumping from pretty high up....and he just trusts that Poppy will catch him, I love this pic!
 Well, I think it's over.  Our summer is officially over this weekend.  We plan to hit the farmers market and spend the rest of the time at the pool.  Ben starts Kindergarten next week.  I can't believe my baby is starting public school!  Holy smokes!  Where did the time go?   We have bought the school supplies, got a new haircut, some new tennis shoes that tie, and are ready to rock-n-roll!  I've spent this entire week gearing up for my students returning next week.  If I could freeze time, I truly would at this point.  It's pretty heavenly with my little men.  They are alot of action, crazy, accident prone, nutty, exhausting, loving and every ounce of fabulousness. 

Have a great last weekend of summer all!  I love fall and am getting stoked for the first crisp day!  Love and hugs, A

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