Friday, September 28, 2012

My children, not yours

As some of you might have seen on the "facebook" machine that I posted something sweet about Ben. Ben requires to be prayed over EVERY night before bed.  He will not rest unless this is done.  Well, last night after I prayed I opened my eyes to his arm raised up high to the heavens.  (Let me preface, I don't usually pray with arms up, unless I'm in the car by myself or filled with some serious spirit at church. He has never seen me do this.)  So I proceed to say, "Whatcha doing babe?". He replies without a breath, "Holding Jesus's hand".  For reals....that's my boy!  God loves children more than we could ever imagine.

Photo credit

It was the exact reminder that I needed. My children are not mine, they are His. As hard as I try to protect and provide for them, I can NOT do it alone.
I know another truth, as much as I think I love and adore my children, God loves them more.  And that kind of blows my little mind. 
Lastly, God sacraficed his one and only son that he adored on the cross for all my transgressions.  That's for real nuts and true.  Life changing stuff people.

One of the main books that has really helped me release my children into God's hands is Power of the Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.  She discusses making a master prayer list and ask God how to pray for each child.  She literally covers all aspects of the childs life, past, future and present with prayer.   Which you could apply to anything.  I keep a prayer journal just to make sure that when I say, "I'm praying for you" that I actually don't forget to! 

I really like when Stormie prays "Lord, my son is the biggest 'care' I have, and I release him into Your hands.  Only You can raise him right and truly keep him safe. I will no longer strive to do it all by myself but will enter into full partnership with You."  Then she goes onto say, "If we're not positive that God is in control of our children's lives, we'll be ruled by fear."  I don't want to live like that.

I have adored trying to teach Ben and Sam all about Jesus and God and all the love that's out there for them.  I tell them to just let it shine and radiate right on out of them. We just have a great big love-fest over at house and need to remame our address....Love central

Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord.
 Lift your hands toward Him for the life of your young children.
Lamentations 2:19

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Have a great weekend.  Give someone a hug. Really, really tight. Love, A

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trunk Show Coming At Ya

If you love my jewels, this is the only trunk show I'll have before Christmas.  Mark your calenders girls! 

Annie Camille Studio Trunk Show
October 25
130 Park Dr (Olmos Park area by Quarry)
San Antonio, TX 78212
Wine and treats served

Come one and all!  Bring your friends and do some shopping! 

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

  • There was a really aggressive fly this morning trying to attack me.  I swated it, thought I killed it, washed it down the sink and walked away.  When I came back, it was ALIVE and tried to attack my head! Talk about nuts.  I hate flies by the way.  They make me cra-cra (crazy).
  • I woke up angry this morning.  No reason why, just mad.  Ben usually calls anyone in that state an angry bird.
  • Wearing a one shoulder dress with no bra and trying to dance at a wedding.  I was worried I was going to flop right on out.  I couldn't get too crazy with my sweet dance moves.
  • Trying to learn Spanish through CDs in my car.  I'm always talking to myself.  And really proud when I can say something, so don't pull up next to me in a car.
  • Having crap on my clothes.  Not literally, but how is it that I seem to always have something on me somewhere.  I can never just be "put together".   Today it's on my white pants. Boo.

  • Our dear sweet friends Travis and Leah got married!  Hip, hip, hurray! It was beautiful and touching to see two amazing people become one under God.  I cried like a baby.
  • Getting to hang out with old buds, like Mrs. Katie all weekend!  We are trouble waiting to happen!
  • As you all know, I'm not the best cook and I struggle in this arena.  Well, I have news.  I've been trying hard and making progress.  I made healthy sloppy joes last night and they were gobbled up by all!  We are also having pot roast, homemade pizzas too! 
  • Finding a sweet blessing of a babysitter so that Mr. N and I can do date nights again. Yahoo!
  • I love coffee, the smell, the taste, the deliciousness.
  • Running another successful "Mama" group at school.  We have loads of moms right now, so it's absoluetely necessary.
  • Dry shampoo
  • Finally getting that soft wavy look down with the curling iron that I see all over Pinterest.  It has taken me more youtube videos than I would like to admit.

From last week, the new playscape

Happy, happy Tuesday!  Thanks for reading!  Love, A

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Hip, hip hooray for awkward and awesomeness!  Oh how I've missed you.  All my weirdness just builds up in me and must come out! So without further adieu...

  • Walking around with a sticker on my boob unknowingly and having someone try to say, "Hey, you having something on you."  When I finally found where this sticker was, I say, "why didn't you just say it was on my boob!"  This is all happening at a church nursery right when a dad walks up and blushes.
  • Gaining a few pounds and feeling like everyone thinks I'm pregnant.  I just have a delightfully delish carb belly.
  • Volunteering for the "raffle" for the PTO.  Bad idea.  I have to call all these people and solicit money.  I'm not the girl for this job.  I don't even like asking my hubbie for help.
  • I saw someone steal at Michaels and I froze.  I didn't know if I should confront them or not.  I hate confrontation by the way.
  • Trying to get a splinter out of the bottom of Sam's foot.  There is no easy way to do that. 
  • Making a reciepe from Pinterest for protein breakfast bars and no one liked them but me.  No one. 
  • Working on Halloween/fall decorations and having Ben want to decorate his room too.  Then he proceeded to want a different night stand, lamp, and a plant.  Did I create a decorator?
  • Ben winning his very first race by a landslide.  That kid is fast! 
  • Having Benno sleep with his stuffed Maddy dog and the real Maddy dog.  Maddy is now 14 years old and is a great love of our little lives.
  • Rain and cooler weather.  Ben and I skipped church for making tents with the windows up and listening to the rain.  I love that kid.  He talks to me about all kinds of craziness.  It's amazing and I just try to drink it in. 
  • Mr. N taking apart our old playscape and scoring another (almost new) one for us.  What a man! 
Thanks for reading guys.  I truly appreciate it!  Have a grand Tuesday!  Love and hugs, A

Friday, September 14, 2012


As I've gotten older and peruse the internet daily, I realize...holy crap am I out of style!  So much of the clothes in the stores I just wouldn't wear, or I wore it when it was in style the first time around (neon 80s). Thus, I refuse to rock it a second time.  Yes, I'm stubborn.  But, much to Mr. N's dismay, I would totally rock a few of the trends and incorporate it into my wardrobe.

1. The Furry Vest: I bought one last season at the Gap at half of half and am looking forward to wearing it when it drops below 80 around these parts.  I'm fully prepared to hear all the crap and comments that my coworkers and hubbie will say.

Sydney over at Daybook

2. Ombre Hair: after dying my own hair for the last year and finally seeing a picture and what it actually looked like, I went to a salon.  The stylist called it "barbie" hair (all one color) and then we started a journey together of getting to a natural lows and highs.  Many hundreds of dollars later and roots to prove it, this ombre look really has a lot to offer!  Roots?  No problem, just let them grow!    
Her awesome blog here

3. Classic/Funky Glasses: I am pretty blind, and my prescription has changed, so I got a very similar pair to the ones below.  Would you rock these?

4. Leopard as neutral: I love Lilly's style (see below) and she rocks leopard as a neutral all the time.  I'm currently on the look out for the shirt. I actually bought the polka dot shirt from old navy and love it.  I also have some green I love both looks.

Lilly's Blog

Hope you guys have a great Friday and weekend! We have rain today....what a blessing!  Thanks for popping over and reading.   Much love, A

Monday, September 10, 2012

Drinking the Exercise KoolAid

We signed Benno up for a Tot Trot Run for this Saturday.  There are trophies involved and the boy loves to run!  We also signed Sam up for the Mommy/Daddy and Me Run for .75 mile.  You know what?  I stressed out a little thinking, "Can I run that?"  It turns out I can, but I was worried!

With this glorious weather....I got up and actually went for a walk.  Then thought....why not run?  While walking/running I thought all of my dear, sweet friends work-out.  I'm the only one that boycotts.  I do NOT like to workout.  I'm not a huge fan of sweating either.  I like to drink wine and watch Bravo.  Yes, that's right.  But, I do however want the look of a fit, in shape, svelte non-mama body.  And then, this damning photo was on pinterest....

If anything is going to convict me, a good pic will.  So, I'm starting sllllllooooowwwwllllyyy, and am only considering working out.  That's a step. Mr.N is a workout fanatic, you know opposites attract and all, but I think I might start due to all the health benefits and crap like that. 

While perusing Design Mom today....look what we found!  This is exactly what a mama like me needs to get her flabby bootay into gear.  It's coming to anyone with me?

"Color Me Rad is super passionate about encouraging people to be active and have fun while doing it, and even donate a portion of the proceeds from each race to local charities. They started throwing color — non-toxic, non-rash inducing colored corn starch — on runners in April, and they’ve been in 13 cities across the U.S. and Canada since, with a lot more cities to go. Check out their schedule here. Each section of the run adds a new explosion of color to your white tee, and by the time you cross the finish line, you’re a veritable work of art!"

 “After 5K of color bombardment, we guarantee your outlook will be brighter, your boyfriend will be more affectionate, your girlfriend will be less needy, the hair on your head will grow back and the hair on your back will fall out, your black and white TV will turn into 720p HD (I know you were hoping for 1080, but we organize races, we’re not miracle workers), and your gray outlook will turn green like a spring morning.”

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Keepin it Real

Sometimes, when someone comes over to my house or reads about our little life on this blog, I get asked, "How do you do it all?"  You know....get to work at 8, get the kids where they go with all their crap, keep a clean house, try to look cute, make jewels, etc.

Guess what?  I don't.  I have a cleaning lady, Melly, who is my sweet angel and comes every other week.  So, I don't really clean.  I'm just a good picker-upper.  She rocks my socks off, for reals.  Next, I have boys, thus, they don't always have to be all super cute and crap.  Tennis shoes, shorts and a tee all topped off with crazy kid hair.  That's it.  I don't waste bookoos of time working on how they look.

Next, I do as much as I can the night before.  Like pack lunches, take a shower, get dudes stuff together, etc.  If I can actually put it in the car I will.  One less thing for me to forget in the morning and I like to sleep as late as humanly possible and still make it on time.  Sometimes I really push it.  And much to my mothers dismay, I'm often found driving to work putting on my makeup.  (I'm trying to break this habit though.)  Lastly, Mr. N helps me way more now.  I finally had to say, "I need help!"  And guess what, he did.  It makes things so much easier!  I usually have to be close to breaking to actually ask for help, a major downfall of mine.  Ask sooner I say!

To make you feel better though, I'll share this.  You can just ask Mr. N or my children, I forget everything.  EVERYTHING.  Don't ask me about facts, because I won't know them.  I have to write it down or it will fly right on out of my sweet brain.  I leave the keys in the door, leave the milk out on the counter, I am skilled at wearing very dirty hair and making it look socially acceptable, I'm not a great cook (but working on it).  I am too sensitive sometimes, love junk food, leave the wash in the washing machine overnight so it stinks and watch too much Bravo while drinking wine.  So where do we go from here?  
From here, and we just bought it to remind ourselves, it was only $25 bucks!

Grace people.  GRACE.  I try really hard not to compare myself to others, because it's a major sin pattern that I do, and it just makes me feel like crap in the end.  It does no one any good.  Instead, I'm trying to celebrate other peoples awesomeness and learn from it.   So, don't think that everything looks all great and shiny, because everyone has crap behind the curtain they are trying to hide (we literally hide our dirty laundry behind a curtain! Ha!).  Everyone, and I mean everyone has their burden to carry.

I pray your Thursday is full of happy thoughts and less of the negative crapola.  Tomorrow's Friday!  Yeah!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I've Been Reading

So I love to read....and am made fun of at times by Mr. N.  He does it lovingly though, it is always a running joke that "Books are my Friends!" I like the covers, to decorate with them, to see them in my home....for it usually evokes some emotion in me.  Thus, without further adieu and lots of randomness, this is what all I read this summer. 

From a friend of mine, I really liked this book, but it is SLLLOOOWW. It's title is pretty telling, but it's about this couple and their year in Provence.  This book made me want to actually sit down to eat my stinky cheese instead of just standing in my kitchen.  And of course to drink wine with it!

I'm actually reading this one for a second time.  I seem to be slightly obsessed with the French culture lately, and I love being a parent, so this book is pretty great!

I actually read all three of these, and top it off, my mom gave them to me.  They are dirty, dirty, dirty!  But good.  I blush a little just sharing that I read all of them. 

 Yet another French book, yes I know.  I seem to really like them! This one was different though, I found it at Anthropologie and it's more about the cultural differences between the French and us and the cool thing is that it shares notable french books, films, and inspirational women.

 Totally off the wall book.  It was quite interesting though.

A friend of mine suggested this to me, and it is really good.  More of the type of book to dip in and out of.  Not really a sit down and go through the whole thing.  It's all about learning to be a vessel of God's love without getting weighed down. 

Such a freaking awesome book!  Me and a sweet friend read this together and met every other week over dinner to discuss it.  It truly changed how I prayed for my kids and how to completely cover them with prayer. I highly recommend it!  I will totally go back to it year after year.

That was all for the summer, now I'm about to start reading "Discerning God's Voice" with a friend. I'll let you know!  Happy Hump, A

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Popcorn Update

Yes, I know this is odd, but I finally made this popcorn for movie night.  I tried numerous times, unsuccessfully.  I didn't know that you could burn chocolate!  Did you know this?  Or is it just my incompetent cooking skills?!  So, I did the double broiler do-dad on the stove, melted the chocolate, but it was super-dooper thick and wouldn't pour over the popcorn.  So I was thinking what to add to the chocolate to make it I added a little oil.  It worked!  But, then wouldn't "set up" in the fridge and you had to keep wiping your gooey fingers off.  Is there a better way?  Please-o-please tell me!  Have a great Tuesday my lovelies! 
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