Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Hip, hip hooray for awkward and awesomeness!  Oh how I've missed you.  All my weirdness just builds up in me and must come out! So without further adieu...

  • Walking around with a sticker on my boob unknowingly and having someone try to say, "Hey, you having something on you."  When I finally found where this sticker was, I say, "why didn't you just say it was on my boob!"  This is all happening at a church nursery right when a dad walks up and blushes.
  • Gaining a few pounds and feeling like everyone thinks I'm pregnant.  I just have a delightfully delish carb belly.
  • Volunteering for the "raffle" for the PTO.  Bad idea.  I have to call all these people and solicit money.  I'm not the girl for this job.  I don't even like asking my hubbie for help.
  • I saw someone steal at Michaels and I froze.  I didn't know if I should confront them or not.  I hate confrontation by the way.
  • Trying to get a splinter out of the bottom of Sam's foot.  There is no easy way to do that. 
  • Making a reciepe from Pinterest for protein breakfast bars and no one liked them but me.  No one. 
  • Working on Halloween/fall decorations and having Ben want to decorate his room too.  Then he proceeded to want a different night stand, lamp, and a plant.  Did I create a decorator?
  • Ben winning his very first race by a landslide.  That kid is fast! 
  • Having Benno sleep with his stuffed Maddy dog and the real Maddy dog.  Maddy is now 14 years old and is a great love of our little lives.
  • Rain and cooler weather.  Ben and I skipped church for making tents with the windows up and listening to the rain.  I love that kid.  He talks to me about all kinds of craziness.  It's amazing and I just try to drink it in. 
  • Mr. N taking apart our old playscape and scoring another (almost new) one for us.  What a man! 
Thanks for reading guys.  I truly appreciate it!  Have a grand Tuesday!  Love and hugs, A

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