Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

  • There was a really aggressive fly this morning trying to attack me.  I swated it, thought I killed it, washed it down the sink and walked away.  When I came back, it was ALIVE and tried to attack my head! Talk about nuts.  I hate flies by the way.  They make me cra-cra (crazy).
  • I woke up angry this morning.  No reason why, just mad.  Ben usually calls anyone in that state an angry bird.
  • Wearing a one shoulder dress with no bra and trying to dance at a wedding.  I was worried I was going to flop right on out.  I couldn't get too crazy with my sweet dance moves.
  • Trying to learn Spanish through CDs in my car.  I'm always talking to myself.  And really proud when I can say something, so don't pull up next to me in a car.
  • Having crap on my clothes.  Not literally, but how is it that I seem to always have something on me somewhere.  I can never just be "put together".   Today it's on my white pants. Boo.

  • Our dear sweet friends Travis and Leah got married!  Hip, hip, hurray! It was beautiful and touching to see two amazing people become one under God.  I cried like a baby.
  • Getting to hang out with old buds, like Mrs. Katie all weekend!  We are trouble waiting to happen!
  • As you all know, I'm not the best cook and I struggle in this arena.  Well, I have news.  I've been trying hard and making progress.  I made healthy sloppy joes last night and they were gobbled up by all!  We are also having pot roast, homemade pizzas too! 
  • Finding a sweet blessing of a babysitter so that Mr. N and I can do date nights again. Yahoo!
  • I love coffee, the smell, the taste, the deliciousness.
  • Running another successful "Mama" group at school.  We have loads of moms right now, so it's absoluetely necessary.
  • Dry shampoo
  • Finally getting that soft wavy look down with the curling iron that I see all over Pinterest.  It has taken me more youtube videos than I would like to admit.

From last week, the new playscape

Happy, happy Tuesday!  Thanks for reading!  Love, A

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