Friday, September 14, 2012


As I've gotten older and peruse the internet daily, I realize...holy crap am I out of style!  So much of the clothes in the stores I just wouldn't wear, or I wore it when it was in style the first time around (neon 80s). Thus, I refuse to rock it a second time.  Yes, I'm stubborn.  But, much to Mr. N's dismay, I would totally rock a few of the trends and incorporate it into my wardrobe.

1. The Furry Vest: I bought one last season at the Gap at half of half and am looking forward to wearing it when it drops below 80 around these parts.  I'm fully prepared to hear all the crap and comments that my coworkers and hubbie will say.

Sydney over at Daybook

2. Ombre Hair: after dying my own hair for the last year and finally seeing a picture and what it actually looked like, I went to a salon.  The stylist called it "barbie" hair (all one color) and then we started a journey together of getting to a natural lows and highs.  Many hundreds of dollars later and roots to prove it, this ombre look really has a lot to offer!  Roots?  No problem, just let them grow!    
Her awesome blog here

3. Classic/Funky Glasses: I am pretty blind, and my prescription has changed, so I got a very similar pair to the ones below.  Would you rock these?

4. Leopard as neutral: I love Lilly's style (see below) and she rocks leopard as a neutral all the time.  I'm currently on the look out for the shirt. I actually bought the polka dot shirt from old navy and love it.  I also have some green I love both looks.

Lilly's Blog

Hope you guys have a great Friday and weekend! We have rain today....what a blessing!  Thanks for popping over and reading.   Much love, A

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