Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I've Been Reading

So I love to read....and am made fun of at times by Mr. N.  He does it lovingly though, it is always a running joke that "Books are my Friends!" I like the covers, to decorate with them, to see them in my home....for it usually evokes some emotion in me.  Thus, without further adieu and lots of randomness, this is what all I read this summer. 

From a friend of mine, I really liked this book, but it is SLLLOOOWW. It's title is pretty telling, but it's about this couple and their year in Provence.  This book made me want to actually sit down to eat my stinky cheese instead of just standing in my kitchen.  And of course to drink wine with it!

I'm actually reading this one for a second time.  I seem to be slightly obsessed with the French culture lately, and I love being a parent, so this book is pretty great!

I actually read all three of these, and top it off, my mom gave them to me.  They are dirty, dirty, dirty!  But good.  I blush a little just sharing that I read all of them. 

 Yet another French book, yes I know.  I seem to really like them! This one was different though, I found it at Anthropologie and it's more about the cultural differences between the French and us and the cool thing is that it shares notable french books, films, and inspirational women.

 Totally off the wall book.  It was quite interesting though.

A friend of mine suggested this to me, and it is really good.  More of the type of book to dip in and out of.  Not really a sit down and go through the whole thing.  It's all about learning to be a vessel of God's love without getting weighed down. 

Such a freaking awesome book!  Me and a sweet friend read this together and met every other week over dinner to discuss it.  It truly changed how I prayed for my kids and how to completely cover them with prayer. I highly recommend it!  I will totally go back to it year after year.

That was all for the summer, now I'm about to start reading "Discerning God's Voice" with a friend. I'll let you know!  Happy Hump, A

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