Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Hubs

In lieu of the usual awkward and awesome, I thought I would only focus on the awesome today, especially my hubs. The awkward stuff going on in my life is entirely too personal to share, so we'll just move right along! 

Mr. N and I have been together for almost 14 years and married for 10 in May.   If you know us, you would know that we are complete, and utter opposites.  He is consistent, deliberate, logical, and not very emotional.  I am not any of those things....but it works. 

I'm more in love with him each day.  He is my rock and best friend.  He's solid as a rock. He's freaking hilarious and smoking hot. I look forward to growing old with him and watching our children grow.  I miss him horribly when he's gone.  I enjoy just hanging out with him and being in the same room.  He loves me, for none of the reasons that I would think that he would (like my mad fishing skills, or creativity, or outer appearance), but for my heart.  He loves only my heart.  Isn't that amazing?!  Just my heart.

But, what has truly been the most awesome thing is to watch him become the man I always knew he would be.  This doesn't mean that he wasn't lovely before, or that he is perfect now (even though he would disagree), this just means he has made such amazing strides as a man that my hearts swells with love and pride.  I want to shout it from the rooftops!  Yeah you Mr. N!  You did it!  I knew you could!  I will always believe in you!  Thanks for the last 14 years, I look forward to the next sixty with you.

Your love quilt

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Be Brave


Are you every really afraid?  I am. I'm afraid to fail.  I'm afraid that people won't like my work.  I'm afraid people won't like me.  I'm afraid that I'll be a horrible mom.  I'm afraid that I'll damage my kids somehow.  I'm afraid that I can't always keep them safe. I'm afraid that I'm not enough for my husband.  I'm afraid that I'm ugly on the inside. I'm afraid of my children being spiritually attacked on my behalf.

I'm afraid that I'm a horrible friend and unworthy of having good, quality friends.  I'm afraid that people can see right through me sometimes and right into my sinful spirit.  I feel like a child, naked and bare.  This is when Satan likes to tell me the really ugly crap.

God then lifts my head up, I search his eyes and He says to me, "That's not from me.  That is not how I see you.  I see the light in your heart shining so bright.  I see you as an amazing woman who loves others with ferocity. You are not perfect and that's okay.  You are lovely just as you are, because I made you. Please let me carry and heal and work in you."

I'm ready to fight the fight today.  I'm scared, but feisty. 

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. A

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let my freak flag fly

  • I hate flies....really. And I'm getting mad good at killing them.  Totally gross.
  • Having someone come over to purchase jewels at the peak of craziness at my house.  Picture this, fridge died, cooking dinner, just got home from school, forgot she's coming...house is a mess, my children just at Popsicles and are dirty.  Oh, hiiii, come on in!  Welcome to my craziness.
  • Realizing my fly is down and don't know for how long
  • Also having broccoli in my teeth for quite some time, while talking to students with garlicky breath.  Yeah for stinky teachers.
  • Going for a haircut for the boys, and Sam's hair is super long.  And they always assume we are there to cut his hair, and I get to tell them, "Nope, not that one yet."
  • Being over an hour late for a birthday party.
  • In line at the grocery, my children are doing the indian yell loudly, and EVERYONE within four differnet check out lines turns to see who's kids are doing that. Mom of the year over here.
  • This tops the cake....locking myself out of my car in my own driveway.  After our t-ball game, we are hot and tired.  I break into my home, only to go back out to the car with the spare key, to realize my keys are on the roof of the car. 
  • Mr. N putting up with me.  I might seem like I'm easy to live to live with, but you would be wrong.  Thank you hon for loving me through it all
  • Ben (our five year old), truly seeking the Kingdom of God.  Jesus talks right to his heart and it rocks.
  • A good teacher/parent meeting
  • Having a dear old friend drive six hours to come see little old me. Thanks Em!
  • Having three students offer me food today, I had a hot cookie and a bean and cheese taco for breakfast today, and I wonder why I'm a little round in the middle.
  • Sleep
  • A great babysitter
Thank you to everyone's amazing and generous donations for the Guatemala trip coming up.  I really appreciate every penny.  Don't forget about Thursday's trunk show!  Love and hugs, A

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday ya'll.  A sweet old friend from college, Allison, just did this video at a chi-o event. She sent it to me, because she referenced Ben and I in it.  I was blown away at her ability to do pubilc speaking and just her inate abilty to compose her thoughts so beautifully.  The content of the video is deep and meaningful, and completely applicable to everyone.  Enjoy!  Love, A

Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Coffee Date

Hello, welcome to our little coffee date!  How are you doing?  Come pull up a chair and get a yummy latte.  I love all those holiday lattes at Starbucks!  They are amazing and remind me of fall.  I hope today is treating you beautifully and that the light of sweet Jesus has touched you today.  I pray that you feel loved!

I would tell you that I have more teen moms than I've ever had in my entire 10 years of teaching.  They are hurting.  I'm think one might give the baby up for adoption instead of abortion....I'm so proud of her I could explode.  What's up with you these days?  How can I be praying for you?

The more I talk with my students, the more I realize the enormity of their problems.  So many are on their own at 17, 18 and 19.  They are just craving love and affection, from anyone.  They need people to just love them where they are at and help them along the way.  Sometimes I wish I could just yell at them, "God loves you so very much!!!  Please, see this!"  But, I'm a public school teacher, so my actions have to say it instead. 

I would share that I feel blessed every.single.day to have the food before me, the roof over my head, the clean water I can drink, the health of myself and my children.  Thank you sweet big J.

On a lighter note, I've just bought a new pair of shoes, we'll see if they are sticking around (free returns). They have to be comfy and go with the majority of my clothes, otherwise, they lose. 
Sole Society
They are $49 and calling my sweet name, but I had a heck of a time trying to order them. 
 I'm stoked about this weekend, one of my oldest friends is making the trek to see me.  I can't wait to get to just love on her.  I hope that you have a great rest of the day and that your weekend is full of naps, warm drinks, tight hugs and crappy magazines!  Love, A

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Live like there is no tomorrow

This is an amazing video that Joanna made from last years Guatemala trip. It will rock yoru socks off. 
For reals.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Ready to Fight the Fight...

We are getting all fired up to go back to Guatemala in a few weeks!  I'm steadily trying to prepare my heart for another adventure.  I'm praying like mad to protect my little family from any spiritual warfare before, during, and after the trip.  

Here is an excerpt from Potter's House website (who we serve with):
"For the average American, it is difficult to imagine a life in which  the dump is both your home and your place of employment.....and yet this squalor is the reality for over 10,000 people who live and work in and near the Guatemala dump. Even in their own country, these impoversihed citizens are outcasts.  They are referred to as "the scavengers" and are devalued and treated as less than human.

But there is hope.

With your partnership, the beauty of these people can be redeemed.  Their stories can be shared so that the world will know that these are among the real treasures of God."

I ask you today, how do you choose to live?  Are you seeking the kingdom with every step you take, with every decision you make?  Or are you storing up your treasures here on earth where they can rot. 

Try to witness the beauty of God and this opportunity to share His love with those who so very desperately need it..

If you feel called to donate, you can do so here, email me for more information, or leave a comment and I'll get back to you. I was asked to do a jewelry teaching class, so that a group of 20 or so women can have a skill to sell, and am currently trying to get get money and donations to purchase tools and supplies for this.  Every little bit helps.   If you don't have the money to help, then please-o-please cover all of us in the group with prayer.  Lay a blanket of safety over us and let God's love light the path for us to take.  Thank you in advance for your efforts.  You are loved, A

Go Ben Go

Greatest Coach I know

Why hello there!  We are currently playing fall t-ball, and in lieu of awkward and awesome, I thought we could see some pretty pics of my little men.  Ben and Mr. N practiced all last week, and we got all the right gear too. We have taken so many stinking trips to Academy and PetSmart lately that we should consider buying stock.  Sam spends most of the time playing on the bleachers and trying to climb under them.  He gets really good and gross.  Ben made some great stops and hit the ball crazy good.  Have a great day my lovies!

Hugs, Annie

PS: Don't forget about next Thursday's trunk show

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday

We had quite the busy weekend!  We threw a birthday party for Sam and Hudson's second birthday and all the fam came in!  It was glorious to have all that love in our little home!   We also threw a surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law, Ms. Ryane at Palomo Blanco.  It was great company and great food.

Gigi and Poppy got Sam a wooden rocket that is awesome and was opened the night before the party. Rusty thought it was really tasty too....we are working on him NOT eating the little pieces.  But the rocket is really cool and has a top that shoots off. The boys are in love.


The day of the party was a blast, thank you to everyone who came to love on and support these two handsome, sweet, fearless little men! 

Big boy, in a big boy swing

Trouble waiting to happen :)

Some AMAZING, Godly women that I get the pleasure of calling my friends.

The birthday boys....it's a pretty bad pic, but you get the idea.  Check out my sweet double chin! Yeah cheese!

Cupcake #2, with a spoon

Present Mania!  Opening everything as fast and furious as possible!

Major score....peace out

Thanks again everyone for the kind presents, kind words about my home, and loving and walking with us through life.  We appreciate all the support, we couldn't do it without you. 

Hugs, A

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Red Rusty

Have you met Rusty?  He says nice to meet ya (with a lick)! He's a really happy go lucky kind of guy.  He adores being loved on and just be near you....so much so that he will stand on/over you until you give him some lovings. Mr. Rusty is our newest addition to our little family and he fits in just right.  The boys are already in love and we are all getting used to each other.   In our house their is so many yummy little toys and stuffed animals all around that we are trying to teach Rusty what he can/cannot eat.  We haven't had a young dog in so long, that I forgot how much energy they have!  It's fabulous for the boys. 

It makes my heart sing to hear Sam say, "Rusty!"  in his little man voice.  It's so freaking sweet.

Mr. Rusty we love you so much already.  Thanks for picking us, and thanks to the Border Collie Rescue for believing that we would be a great home for him. 

Love and hugs, A

Good Laugh

Would you like a good laugh??  Ben wanted to be an green army guy for Halloween. Well, without further adieu, here ya go!

Awesome what, what??  It's all kinds of jacked up and we've worn it so many times already we have to be a little careful not to mess it up.  You can thank me later for making you laugh today!  Love and hugs, A

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sammy Lamby

Dearest Sammy,

You are my sweet baby boy and you are almost two!  I can hardly believe it.  I want you to freeze in time. You are so mischievous, hilarious, strong, and fearless. I never thought I could love another child as much as I loved my first, but God always makes space for more and grows my heart.  I was in love with you the instant you were born.  I love your crazy hair, your sweet smells, and your juicy kisses.  I love you non-knuckles and your little toes.  I like to kiss you all over when you are right out of the bath tub.  You are more, and more like your daddy everyday and it's awesome.

Your brother is your hero and you will do anything that he does. You adore play-dough, books, climbing, saying hi-yaw to karate chop things, praying over dinner, and anything your brother has. You are one super tough dude.  It always amazes me. You are crazy fast and all over the place...thus you make me stay on my game as a mom.  Before I know it, you climbing up the monkey bars or the tree house.

Sam, thank you for picking me to be your mom.  You have already blessed me and your dad more than you will ever know.  I treasure your sweet spirit and heart.  I will do my best to be your mom while we are here on earth.  I pray for your safety and health always, and for you to love Jesus and love yourself. 

I adore you little man,

Love your mama

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just Awesome

We finally got our camera fixed, our lens died, so I took a crap load of pics yesterday just to try it out.  So, the awesome news is, we invited a new member into our little family yesterday!  We were more than excited and didn't tell the brew until Sunday night late.  We welcomed a little brown and white border collie named Rusty home to live with us.  He is three years old and was found on the street.  He is very well trained, I just hope we can keep it all up.

 Can you tell we are super stoked?

 Waiting for Daddy to come home with Rusty

 This is before we busted part of our head open on a tree.  Notice....no open wounds or buises.  Not for long!

 This is how we roll.

 Then, of course, up to the tree house alone.  Fearless.  Completely fearless

 Sam says, "I love you already!"

We got Maddy girl a new bed, just so she would feel super loved too. The boys love it as well.  It's a lot of crazy at our house, but it's crazy love!  Have a great Tuesday!
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