Thursday, October 25, 2012

Be Brave


Are you every really afraid?  I am. I'm afraid to fail.  I'm afraid that people won't like my work.  I'm afraid people won't like me.  I'm afraid that I'll be a horrible mom.  I'm afraid that I'll damage my kids somehow.  I'm afraid that I can't always keep them safe. I'm afraid that I'm not enough for my husband.  I'm afraid that I'm ugly on the inside. I'm afraid of my children being spiritually attacked on my behalf.

I'm afraid that I'm a horrible friend and unworthy of having good, quality friends.  I'm afraid that people can see right through me sometimes and right into my sinful spirit.  I feel like a child, naked and bare.  This is when Satan likes to tell me the really ugly crap.

God then lifts my head up, I search his eyes and He says to me, "That's not from me.  That is not how I see you.  I see the light in your heart shining so bright.  I see you as an amazing woman who loves others with ferocity. You are not perfect and that's okay.  You are lovely just as you are, because I made you. Please let me carry and heal and work in you."

I'm ready to fight the fight today.  I'm scared, but feisty. 

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. A

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