Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Ready to Fight the Fight...

We are getting all fired up to go back to Guatemala in a few weeks!  I'm steadily trying to prepare my heart for another adventure.  I'm praying like mad to protect my little family from any spiritual warfare before, during, and after the trip.  

Here is an excerpt from Potter's House website (who we serve with):
"For the average American, it is difficult to imagine a life in which  the dump is both your home and your place of employment.....and yet this squalor is the reality for over 10,000 people who live and work in and near the Guatemala dump. Even in their own country, these impoversihed citizens are outcasts.  They are referred to as "the scavengers" and are devalued and treated as less than human.

But there is hope.

With your partnership, the beauty of these people can be redeemed.  Their stories can be shared so that the world will know that these are among the real treasures of God."

I ask you today, how do you choose to live?  Are you seeking the kingdom with every step you take, with every decision you make?  Or are you storing up your treasures here on earth where they can rot. 

Try to witness the beauty of God and this opportunity to share His love with those who so very desperately need it..

If you feel called to donate, you can do so here, email me for more information, or leave a comment and I'll get back to you. I was asked to do a jewelry teaching class, so that a group of 20 or so women can have a skill to sell, and am currently trying to get get money and donations to purchase tools and supplies for this.  Every little bit helps.   If you don't have the money to help, then please-o-please cover all of us in the group with prayer.  Lay a blanket of safety over us and let God's love light the path for us to take.  Thank you in advance for your efforts.  You are loved, A

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