Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday

We had quite the busy weekend!  We threw a birthday party for Sam and Hudson's second birthday and all the fam came in!  It was glorious to have all that love in our little home!   We also threw a surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law, Ms. Ryane at Palomo Blanco.  It was great company and great food.

Gigi and Poppy got Sam a wooden rocket that is awesome and was opened the night before the party. Rusty thought it was really tasty too....we are working on him NOT eating the little pieces.  But the rocket is really cool and has a top that shoots off. The boys are in love.


The day of the party was a blast, thank you to everyone who came to love on and support these two handsome, sweet, fearless little men! 

Big boy, in a big boy swing

Trouble waiting to happen :)

Some AMAZING, Godly women that I get the pleasure of calling my friends.

The birthday's a pretty bad pic, but you get the idea.  Check out my sweet double chin! Yeah cheese!

Cupcake #2, with a spoon

Present Mania!  Opening everything as fast and furious as possible!

Major score....peace out

Thanks again everyone for the kind presents, kind words about my home, and loving and walking with us through life.  We appreciate all the support, we couldn't do it without you. 

Hugs, A

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