Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just Awesome

We finally got our camera fixed, our lens died, so I took a crap load of pics yesterday just to try it out.  So, the awesome news is, we invited a new member into our little family yesterday!  We were more than excited and didn't tell the brew until Sunday night late.  We welcomed a little brown and white border collie named Rusty home to live with us.  He is three years old and was found on the street.  He is very well trained, I just hope we can keep it all up.

 Can you tell we are super stoked?

 Waiting for Daddy to come home with Rusty

 This is before we busted part of our head open on a tree.  Notice....no open wounds or buises.  Not for long!

 This is how we roll.

 Then, of course, up to the tree house alone.  Fearless.  Completely fearless

 Sam says, "I love you already!"

We got Maddy girl a new bed, just so she would feel super loved too. The boys love it as well.  It's a lot of crazy at our house, but it's crazy love!  Have a great Tuesday!

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