Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let my freak flag fly

  • I hate flies....really. And I'm getting mad good at killing them.  Totally gross.
  • Having someone come over to purchase jewels at the peak of craziness at my house.  Picture this, fridge died, cooking dinner, just got home from school, forgot she's coming...house is a mess, my children just at Popsicles and are dirty.  Oh, hiiii, come on in!  Welcome to my craziness.
  • Realizing my fly is down and don't know for how long
  • Also having broccoli in my teeth for quite some time, while talking to students with garlicky breath.  Yeah for stinky teachers.
  • Going for a haircut for the boys, and Sam's hair is super long.  And they always assume we are there to cut his hair, and I get to tell them, "Nope, not that one yet."
  • Being over an hour late for a birthday party.
  • In line at the grocery, my children are doing the indian yell loudly, and EVERYONE within four differnet check out lines turns to see who's kids are doing that. Mom of the year over here.
  • This tops the cake....locking myself out of my car in my own driveway.  After our t-ball game, we are hot and tired.  I break into my home, only to go back out to the car with the spare key, to realize my keys are on the roof of the car. 
  • Mr. N putting up with me.  I might seem like I'm easy to live to live with, but you would be wrong.  Thank you hon for loving me through it all
  • Ben (our five year old), truly seeking the Kingdom of God.  Jesus talks right to his heart and it rocks.
  • A good teacher/parent meeting
  • Having a dear old friend drive six hours to come see little old me. Thanks Em!
  • Having three students offer me food today, I had a hot cookie and a bean and cheese taco for breakfast today, and I wonder why I'm a little round in the middle.
  • Sleep
  • A great babysitter
Thank you to everyone's amazing and generous donations for the Guatemala trip coming up.  I really appreciate every penny.  Don't forget about Thursday's trunk show!  Love and hugs, A

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