Thursday, October 11, 2012

Red Rusty

Have you met Rusty?  He says nice to meet ya (with a lick)! He's a really happy go lucky kind of guy.  He adores being loved on and just be near much so that he will stand on/over you until you give him some lovings. Mr. Rusty is our newest addition to our little family and he fits in just right.  The boys are already in love and we are all getting used to each other.   In our house their is so many yummy little toys and stuffed animals all around that we are trying to teach Rusty what he can/cannot eat.  We haven't had a young dog in so long, that I forgot how much energy they have!  It's fabulous for the boys. 

It makes my heart sing to hear Sam say, "Rusty!"  in his little man voice.  It's so freaking sweet.

Mr. Rusty we love you so much already.  Thanks for picking us, and thanks to the Border Collie Rescue for believing that we would be a great home for him. 

Love and hugs, A

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