Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guatemala Pics

Without further are few snippets of the our Guatemala trip.  All the pictures are from the talented Mr. Nat Player.  He has so graciously given us access to them and I'm so thankful that he captures the trip for us, so that we don't have to be responsible for a camera.  Thanks again Nat. 

As soon as we arrive, we go to the dump and pray over the people working below.  We serve with the Potter's House who is there working in the community day in and day out.  The people and the trash seem to meld together. 
It makes my heart hurt.

I chose this picture so you could see how close the quarters are to navigate.

This is where God's heart is.  In these sweet people.  In these sweet children.

How we mix concrete

Katie girl....working hard

They dry their clothes in such an inventive way.  So clothes pins, just rope and bamboo.

They use and reuse everything.  Here you can see how they are reusing bags

Love the Light

I can't say enough about the Guatemalan people.  They are truly gracious and humble.  They are welcoming and giving.  Thank you to the Potter's House and Wayside Chapel for even giving us the opportunity to serve God.  As always, you humble me to my knees.  I would go back tomorrow.

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  1. Great post Annie. My heart misses being there so much. Did Nat e-mail these out? Would love to see all of them if he posted somewhere! Love you girlie.


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