Monday, November 12, 2012

Open My Blind Eyes

While driving into work this morning, in my comfy, working vehicle, I was struck by how surreal it is....going back to my life after being in the slums of Guatemala for the last five days.  I heard a song about opening my blind eyes.  I thought how true!  I am humbled to the core.   I am nothing, He is everything. 

I think that my eyes were opened to all my consumption, all my sin, all my inadequacies, and all my selfishness. My eyes are officially opened wide and I don't want to shut them.  I pray that I can see all the parts of my heart and life that need to have the light shined into it.  I pray that I truly SEE people and love them as fiercely as God can through me.  Thank you for all your prayers over our trip.  Thank you for all the financial and loving support so that we could be God's hands and feet.  Thank you to the Potter's House and to all the treasures for opening your hearts and homes to us.  I'll post pics soon.

Tight hugs and juicy kisses, A

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