Monday, December 17, 2012

Answered Prayers

At church yesterday, it was all about what we are grateful for. In lieu of all the grief and tragedy of Friday's loss (because honestly my heart just can't handle it) I'm trying to focus on this concept.  What am I truly grateful for above all else?  Answered Prayers.  I pray over my children, I pray over my family and hubs, I pray over our finances, I pray over my students, I pray over the most random stuff that you'd think would be irrelevant to God. 

Let me tell you this.  Nothing is too small or big.  Nothing.  God cares about every little detail of your life.

I keep a prayer journal, and write lots of my prayers down so I can keep an idea of the I will know when it is answered.  Guess what?  When I look back through it, the most amazing thing happens, you can see perfectly how God works in your life and in others lives.  The most awesome answered prayers from this year (that I feel appropriate to share) is a huge plumbing blessing, a $300 electric bill paid for one of my students, and yet another student coming to know Christ. 

God will show up.  He will exceed your expectations.  Have faith my lovie.  Give it all to God, and he will give you back ten fold.  Pray, lift it all up.  Tight hugs, A

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