Friday, December 7, 2012

Mama Projects

Project #1: Ombre built In:

One weekend when Mr. N was out of town, I decide to paint my closet... finally!  It was this horrible creamy color, that always looked dirty.  And, because of our very old home, our closet is open and you can always see inside of it.  I took everything out of it and went to town, watching crappy Bravo. I had loved the ombre look, and it was easy enough.  We are still going to do something about the ugly, original to the house, light fixture. It took the whole weekend, lots of coats, but I'm pretty pleased with the results!

Project #2: Advent for Two

I made this last weekend, and it was super easy.  It was obviously inspired by Pinterest!  I got a cork board at Hobby Lobby and some fabric.  I pulled the fabric smooth and tight, then hot glued the fabric down on the back side. I then took the boxes and arranged them and used two push pins to adhere it to the board. 

Then, you just make it all pretty!  I used washi tape and a sharpie.  A trip to Wal-Mart was made to get little fun items.  I also used printable for fun things to do as a family or for random acts of kindness.  Today our post-man gets a treat, and we have passed out flowers at the grocery already.  Tonight is movie night....with popcorn for dinner!  Yeah for Friday!  Have a great weekend...hugs, A

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