Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Maddy Girl

This is our Maddy girl.  She is the heart of the family and has always been there.  I had Maddy before I met Mr. N.  I want to write down all the little things of her, so that I won't forget.  She will be 15 in June. 

Maddy went on Mr. N and I's first date, she was a puppy.  She pooped in my lap on the way to get ice cream.  We joke saying, that this is how John knew I was a good woman, because I didn't freak out.  She was truly our first born.  She would fetch sticks and balls until her feet bled.   She won a dog show and I was once told she would make an excellent rescue dog because of her intensity and love.

When we brought Ben home from the hospital, I placed Ben up against Maddy's belly.   Her eyes widened as she looked at me and then relaxed.  She just smelled him and knew she loved him.  Maddy would have been a great mama. 

Ben's nursery was across the house, and she would come wake me up if he was crying and I didn't hear him.  She later helped Ben walk, and then run.  She helped Sam walk.  The boys have always pulled up on her, thus us keeping her hair short.  Maddy is always in the background of our lives....protecting us. 

I love her smell, I remember her pink little belly, I love that she's held on for me.  I loved her first.  She has stood by me throughout it all.  I love the way she will look at me when the boys are loving on her too hard, and she is just saying, "save me mom."  I love the way if I get up in the night, she follows me.  If I lay back down, and she doesn't know where I am, she searches for me.  These days, when she lays down, it's really hard to get back up and she will always pick a spot in the hub of the house so she can see all of us.

It was a rough weekend with our little Maddy.  We are closer to the end than I previously thought.   She's tired....and I don't know when to call it a game.  That's all I have today, A

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