Thursday, January 24, 2013

I have no problems

By 11 o'clock today a ton of super heavy stuff had already occurred.  From murders to suicidal thoughts, to overdosing, to shootings, to depression.  Then to ice that cake, I was sharing a book I was reading with a coworker about disciplining kids.  She proceeds to tell me about her four kids (some are fostered).  They live under lock and key, alarms on all doors, because her kids choke people, absolutely freak out, steal, run out the door and hide.  She was already phoned from the school three times today for their behavior. She asks me, so how is that book going to help me?  I'm at a loss.  It won't help you....I couldn't even imagine dealing with those problems. I just listen and pray.  That's all I have to offer. 

Then I think, holy smoking crap.  I've been all worked up about my own children minding the first time every time, about manners, and responsibility, and GT testing.  Guess what?  I am beyond blessed. I truly have no problems.  My bank account might be light, but my heart huge.   I'm reminded about storing up my treasures on earth and that it is futile. 

Later, two hard students started asking me what I think about heaven and Jesus.  Yes!  How did he die?  What happened after he died?  What does that mean?  All this in a public school for at risk kids.  I read from the bible today to them. 

Thank you Jesus, for I don't deserve a fraction of the blessings you've bestowed on me.  Thank you for trusting me with my students, my children, and my husband.  Thank you giving me my ginormous heart, even when it's hard for me to handle.  Thank you letting me feel. I love you sweet Jesus, thanks for loving me back and meeting me where I am.

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  1. Love That Annie! Thanks For Who You Are, What You Do, And loving Jesus!


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